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Episode 46 - Your Nanobrewery Financial Checkup

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

This is as good a month as any to be thinking about your brewery’s finances - both long term and short term - and the best practices for a check in or to get your money situation in order. Most brewers don’t open a brewery to get into finance, but managing cash flow is a necessary part of the job. 

Our guest on this episode is Kary Shumway,  CPA, former CFO for a beer distributor and current CFO for Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, MA. He’s here with insight and a checklist to help get your brewery finances in order. 

Shumway has spent the last 20 years using finance to help improve financial results in business. Now, he’s helping other breweries, wholesalers and cideries to do the same. His financial training programs have been developed on a new learning platform in order to deliver the best experience for you. The programs are designed specifically for non-financial people who have the responsibility of either managing or contributing to the success of business.  He chronicles it all and offers resources at

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BYO Nano Brew Podcast Episode 46
John Holl
Guests: Kary Shumway

Contact: [email protected]
Music: Scott McCampbell

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