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Episode 43 - Festivals and Events for Nano Breweries

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

This month we are focusing on festivals and events. The summer is the season to get outdoors, mingle, and experience all that your town, state, or region has to offer. Fortunately nano breweries are playing a big role in that space. 

Beer festivals are at a crossroads right now. It’s harder to get folks to come out and drink beer in a crowd, but there are chances for smaller breweries to make an impact in that setting. Chris Rhodes of Portland, Oregon’s Nano Beer Festival is here to talk about the fest and best practices. 

Then we’ll hear from Emily and Matt Strysik of Knack Brewing and Fermentation in Illinois. They are getting real good at hosting small scale events at their brewery that brings in artisans of all kinds, and with it, new customers. 

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BYO Nano Brew Podcast Episode 43
John Holl
Guests: Chris Rhodes, Emily and Matt Strysik

Contact: [email protected]
Music: Scott McCampbell

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