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Episode 42 - Malt Insights for the Nano Brewer

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Malt is our topic this month. We’ll get a report from one of the larger malting companies on what small brewers can do with grain, and then head to a nano brewery and malt farm for insight on making the most from the land.

We spend a lot of time talking about raw ingredients, and rightly so. They are the building blocks of every keg and pint, and having the insight into ingredients makes us all better brewers and drinkers. Our guests are Mike Scanzello, the director of brewing and distilling for Briess Malt and  Brett Bullock, the co-owner of Screamin’ Hill Brewery


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Yeast is an incredible living micro-organism! We’ve known for many years now that yeast has a crucial impact on the flavor profile and other sensory properties of beverages. It affects a wide range of characteristics – such as fruity and floral notes, phenolic or spicy character, the body of the beer and more… The Fermentis beer yeast strain line-up is designed to answer the requirements of all brewers, so release your creativity! Visit or explore their app to discover more about yeast behavior and characterization.

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BYO Nano Brew Podcast Episode 42
John Holl
Guests: Michael Scanzello, Brett Bullock

Contact: [email protected]
Music: Scott McCampbell

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