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The unexpected path to Circular Fashion with Sharon Tsang

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Learn about how this Hong Kong based sourcing and production consultancy is bringing sustainable solutions to the fashion industry.

Our expert guest Sharon of ANEW Studios shares her entrepreneurial journey, the moment that pivoted her into this purpose-driven path and where she sees the space of circular fashion going.

What we cover:

- How we need to move past RECYCLING into ELIMINATING WASTE
- The urgency for the fashion industry to reinvent itself through material innovation
- Being proactive as a leader instead of letting the industry dictate where it’s going
- Looking at other industries for inspiration and adapting it into yours
- Seeing setbacks as pivots and catapults

If you run a fashion business or a materials startup and would like to reach out to Sharon, you can contact her on or on Instagram @anew.studios


Rosann is a brand strategist partnering with purpose-driven businesses and NGO's.

Her mission is to create a different kind of Creative agency, one rooted in purpose and committed to doing our part in bettering our future world.

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