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5 trends that will impact your brand in 2023

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Welcome to Season 2 of Branding for Impact Podcast!

2022 has been a year of realigning and reassessing our priorities. It’s an exciting time for brands to experiment with new ways of working, and new ways of interacting with consumers. In this episode, I’ll be covering 5 key trends we see that will impact your brand in 2023.

What we cover:
1:16 Reduce, recycle, reuse, repair: The second-hand market is booming, with consumers looking for more cost-effective and sustainable ways to shop. 

2:27 Shopping Local: With the increase of remote work, there has been a growth in demand for workspaces outside city centres, leading to a shift in spending from city centres to local shops. 

3:21 Disconnect to reconnect: Immersive experiences are becoming increasingly popular as a way for people to escape and give their overworked brains a break.

4:19 Rise of preventive care: The Health and Wellness industry is getting more attention than ever.

5:28 Me first, Sustainability second: Sustainability alone doesn’t sell. It’s more a case of prioritization and mental bandwidth.


We’ve received such amazing feedback from our bite-sized branding and business tips and can’t wait to bring more helpful content to help you make an impact with your brand.

Aside from our quick 15 minute episodes, Season 2 will also be bring on guests from all walks of life and industries ranging from Wellness, to NGO, to Aromatherapy, to Hospitality to share their entrepreneurial journey and how their life experiences have crafted their unique perspectives on brand building.


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Rosann is a brand strategist partnering with purpose-driven businesses and NGO's.

Her mission is to create a different kind of Creative agency, one rooted in purpose and committed to doing our part in bettering our future world.

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