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2022 Guide: What you should know about Branding for sustainability and impact

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Are you ready to make an even bigger impact in 2022? Hear what social and environmental issues are close to the hearts of Hong Kongers, and most importantly for YOU, what they are asking of brands today.

We recently completed a study with close to 300 Hong Kongers across all walks of life. Consumers are asking brands to step it up –– will your brand be one of them?

In this episode, we’ll share the findings to these questions:

  • Which generations are taking the most action in helping social/environmental issues
  • What's the MOST influential factor in making a purchase, and what’s LEAST important to consumers today
  • How to get better messaging across to consumers so you get their support
  • Which platforms do they most often use to find out more about your brand

And we’ll finish with 3 key actions you can take RIGHT NOW to make an impact with your consumers.

What we cover:
03:00 Boomers care more than we think. How to target your messaging to different generations
06:18 People are willing to pay! But what stops them from taking action?
08:25 How to navigate the sustainability messaging and overcome skepticism
09:58 3 actions you can take to make an impact with your consumers

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Rosann is a brand strategist partnering with purpose-driven businesses and NGO's.

Her mission is to create a different kind of Creative agency, one rooted in purpose and committed to doing our part in bettering our future world.

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