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This is our podcast profile for Block n Roll. The show is hosted by two technology enthusiasts and engineers. In this show, we will cover the new and emerging Blockchain technology. We have different topics and mastermind interviews with people from different industries exploring Blockchain.

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  • Blockchain podcast

    Episode 7 - Lisk, by the developers, for the developers


    In this episode, we spoke to Matt Piaggi, community lead at Lisk, about Lisk platform and how they are building products to help JavaScript developers build blockchain applications. One of the key problems they are trying to address is bloating on mainchain. On the Lisk platform, developers can build and test on a side chain which can then be merged on to the main chain.
  • Blockchain podcast

    Episode 6 - Circle, we can go in full circle


    In this episode, we spoke to Marieke Flament, managing director of Circle’s Global and European marketing operations, about tokenization and how this could create a new sharing economy.
  • Blockchain podcast

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  • Blockchain podcast

    Episode 5: Ethereum - Decentralized apps (Dapps)


    Episode 5: Ethereum - Decentralized apps (Dapps) by Podcast about Blockchain
  • Blockchain podcast

    Episode 4 -, Proof-of-View


    Verasity is developing a next-generation video sharing platform. This platform will empower Creators and improve the experience of watching video online. We spoke to David Orman, CEO and co-founder of about their platform they are set to launch. Hope you will enjoy the show as much as we did recording.
  • Blockchain podcast

    Episode 3: Payments, I owe you


    In this episode, we talked about Payments using cryptocurrency. This is almost like a follow-on episode from our previous episode. Following are the things we covered in this show. - News of the week - Blockchain expo in London - Liquidity of currency - How international payments will help cryptocurrencies take off the ground. - Transferring cryptocurrencies between different accounts. - Storing of cryptocurrencies in wallets - Some of the companies accepting payments Most of the problems we covered in the show are problems in practice, not in principle. There is a huge potential for cryptocurrencies to change the landscape of payments in the near future.
  • Blockchain podcast

    Episode 2: Cryptocurrency, The Future of Money


    Welcome to the second episode of our Block n Roll podcast. In this episode, we will be talking about Cryptocurrency. The impact will have on money and how we trade in the future. Well, the future of cryptocurrency is not very far from now.

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