Beyond the Self with Africa Brooke podcast

Beyond the Self with Africa Brooke

Africa Brooke

Welcome to Beyond the Self, an unfiltered podcast dedicated to shining a spotlight on what truly lies within your control.

Hosted by globally acclaimed consultant, mentor, and writer Africa Brooke, this podcast aims to remind us of the power inherent in taking simple, consistent steps towards personal integrity.

In an era of information overwhelm and societal pressures, it's easy to become fixated on external influences, tiptoeing around potentially sensitive issues and crossing our own boundaries in the process.

Such an environment often leads to self-sabotage. That's where Beyond the Self steps in.

Africa aims to assist you in uncovering your own blind spots, promoting healthy detachment from the ego, honouring discomfort, and rekindling curiosity. The goal is to equip you with the tools needed to reclaim control of your life's journey.

Every episode features Africa's encouraging insights about our shared human complexities, both messy and beautiful. She values nuanced understanding, and more importantly, provides practical, evidence-based tools and resources to help you integrate these learnings into your life.

Looking for an uncompromising approach to personal development and life philosophy? You've found the right place. Here, we don't hold back. Welcome to Beyond the Self.

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