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Just Breathe w/ Dr. Michelle Marks

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Thinking does interact with feeling and behavior.  Dr. Michelle Marks believes it’s the emotion we encounter before the thought. Dr. Marks also feels that if we could just breathe momentarily, we might quell the alarm that goes off in so many of us. What’s up everyone? It’s episode one hundred ninety eight of Above Ground Podcast and this week we are talking emotions and the alarms they set off in our bodies and minds. Little tiny abrasions affect our authenticity stress. 


Our sympathetic stress response comes from us being wired to react. Proving that response is different than reaction and have separate frequencies that they carry.  Our deep sense of shame keeps us from feeling the connections we need so badly. Shame is a reaction. A possible false tale that you have question and doubt. 


During our time together we cover RUTs (Repetitive Unhelpful Thoughts), the ideas of distract, detach, dispute.  Everything starts with self-compassion.  Psychological Fitness and its five elements; self care, breathing, mindfulness, positivity and self-compassion. Those alone can help to make the world a safer place. 


Dr Michelle Marks is currently offering online consultation services for stress, health and well being. Her thirty year professional career has a pedigree of coveted certifications and accolades. Please click the link above to visit her site. 


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