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15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

This week is all about relationships, attachment styles and celebrating year number four of having real, raw conversations.  Many of us have had  our hearts  thrown on the ground or maybe something traumatic has happened. This week we get to bring Jordan back in for a conversation about how difficult relationships really are.  Don’t go in with eyes closed, and arms wide open. 


Welcome to episode two hundred eight and the official fourth birthday of Above Ground Podcast. What better conversation to have, than to speak of relationships on this episode. We are  heading into year number four and continuing what we do best; stomping  the stigmas of mental illness every Wednesday. 


When you seek love where it’s unavailable, love can become transactional.  When you have a hard time setting boundaries, it can make us seek transactional relations to fill needs. Opening us up for yet another relationship swing. Often in short order. We can all agree relationships are hard. We do not need to make them harder by carrying the baggage of old outdated software. Plug in, get updated. 


Jordan Caslin  has been a very familiar voice around the show. He is often the male voicing the disclaimer at the beginning and has appeared on episodes over the years. Jordan is a great friend of the show and we appreciate his time, talent and root beer. 


Shout out to Nippertown. We appreciate being part of the family. We thank Jim & Laura for their support. We are stoked to be a part of NipperFest 2023 and cannot wait to see everyone again this year. It was a hot one last year. Make sure you drop by and say hey on Saturday July 22,2023. We will be at Central Park Music Haven  at Noon to rock all day and talk mental health.


Sunday July 16,2023 will be the next gathering of Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market. Come by Albany's premier venue, Empire Live, 93 No Pearl Street, 11a-5p. Horns up to Mike Langone for putting this all together.  This is a great event and we have been a part of them all.  Mike was a guest on episode one seventy eight, Odds, Sweet Things & Dead Ends. We thank Mike for his candor, dedication and friendship. Come get your cool on. 


Until next week get well, be safe, stay above.


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