2000 Most Common German Words podcast

2000 Most Common German Words


PDFs: https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/05arc5UdTok7tbZK5RnK0cIiA#2000 If you listen to them 10 times, you will learn 2000 german words by heart. Keep your eyes on the pdfs at least two times while listening. Don't listen to them in a row, spread over 30 days. For example, listen to 1-650 today, then 651-1300 tomorrow, and 1301-2000 the next day. But don't be stressed; you can spread like that over 60 or 90 days. Moreover, try to pronounce them while your eyes on them. Also, try to listen before bedtime; your brain will repeat these words until you wake up. (play at x1.25 speed)