Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast

Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast

Welcome to the Woodland Trust podcast, 'Woodland Walks'. We'll be exploring some of the greatest woods, forests and sites in the Woodland Trust estate. Join our host, Adam Shaw, as we discover the stories and characters that make each of our woods so very special. We’ll explore awe-inspiring ancient woodland and get lost together in the rich habitats that support our native wildlife. We'll meet the site managers and the magnificent volunteers who protect woods and plant trees. For wildlife. For people.

22 Episodes

  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

    2. Mya-Rose Craig aka Birdgirl


    Mya-Rose Craig is extraordinary. Known to many as Birdgirl, she travelled far and wide on a quest to see half the world's bird species before her 18th birthday. She's also an environmentalist, diversity activist, writer, speaker and broadcaster - and has an honorary doctorate in science from the University of Bristol. As well as her birding achievements, we chat about her passion for the natural world and encouraging young people and under-represented communities to connect with it. She also talks us through some of her amazing work, including founding the Black2Nature charity and her new book, We have a dream.
  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

    1. Urban parks with Adrian Chiles


    We begin our second series by celebrating the benefits and beauty of urban trees with journalist and presenter Adrian Chiles. In a West London park, he describes how green city spaces and the countryside give him relief from the overstimulation of the capital. We chat too about Adrian's career, and reminisce a little about our good times working together at the BBC in the nineties. At times both funny and frank, he also touches on his experiences of depression and anxiety, as well as attempting to master tree ID and finally conquering the lofty chestnut tree he feared climbing as a child.
  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

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  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

    20. Kensington Gardens with Cressida Cowell


    Author and illustrator of How to Train Your Dragon and The Wizards of Once, Cressida Cowell is also the current Waterstones Children’s Laureate. As we get lost in London's Kensington Gardens, she tells us of her passion for trees and nature, reminisces about the wild childhood trips that inspire her stories and praises the power of hope and imagination. She also shares the E.B. White quote she lives her life by and sings an anthem from one of her books! And don't miss the closing clip of a woodland walk sent in by young India and her dad.
  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

    19. Hampstead Heath with Alastair Campbell


    Our guest for this episode, Alastair Campbell, has long recognised the positive impact of the natural world on his mind, body and spirit. While walking on London's Hampstead Heath, the communicator, writer and strategist opens up about his mental health struggles and how green space helps get him through. It's a tough listen at times, but an important topic that many will relate to.   Hear all about his popular 'tree of the day' posts and his sense of nature being a healer, especially since his breakdown in the 1980s. Alastair also shows us the special tree that marked a turning point for his mental health - and the birth of his first son.
  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

    18. Regent's Park with Paddy O'Connell


    The idea of glimpsing lions and tigers while walking among trees in the local park may sound fantastical - but that's exactly what lucky Paddy O'Connell does every day. For this episode, the TV and radio presenter takes us along on this exclusive experience, accompanied by Bob the dog. Paddy enjoys a regular dose of nature thanks to nearby Regent's Park. Home to London Zoo and 'the most special sound in London', the park also has a lake, gardens and about 6,000 trees. We also discover how Paddy started in broadcasting, his special connection with D-Day veterans and his thoughts on presenting 'Should I be afraid of sausages?'!
  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

    17. More Woodland Trust staff stories


    Do you know the difference between a rainforest and a normal forest? Or which moth looks like a fragment of 1970s carpet? Find out in our latest episode as we call on more staff from around the Trust to share their fascinating stories and favourite woods. We chat to Laura Shewring, Colin Riley, Paul Mosley and volunteer David Mason about Wales' rainforests and a special ancient wood in Lancashire. There's much praise for magical Hackfall in North Yorkshire, and we talk about how lockdown and climate change are drawing more attention to the power of woods and trees.
  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

    16. Lindow Common, Cheshire with Clare Nasir


    We meet Clare Nasir, the face of Channel 5 weather and a best-selling author. She shares her views on climate change, weather and being wild about the countryside. She also treats us to a tour of Lindow Common near her home in Cheshire.   It's a special place for Clare. Featuring woods, heathland, peatland and a lake, she admires the small differences in nature every day - something many of us have noticed more during lockdown - as well as the site's important role in capturing carbon and fighting climate change. For Clare, the area is a welcome escape: a place to slow down and relish every moment.
  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

    15. Ormeau Park, Belfast with Kathy Clugston


    With lockdown upon us once more, we've chatted to more famous faces - and voices - to help bring you a taste of the great outdoors. In this episode, we meet Kathy Clugston: newsreader, continuity announcer and host of Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time. She takes us on a foggy winter walk through Belfast's Ormeau Park, where meandering paths lead through hundreds of trees. Having visited for 50 years and grateful to now live nearby, it's a place she finds heartening and bolstering. We also talk about her love of the great outdoors, her broadcasting career and playing the ukelele!
  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

    14. Woodland Trust staff stories


    Amidst new lockdowns around the UK, we've taken an alternative approach to the latest podcast. Co-hosted by regular guest Ruth Hyde (and puppy Coco), we chat to staff from the Trust to find out more about their fascinating roles and some of their woodland experiences. Meet Natalie Buttriss, Jane Craven, Justin Milward and Joe Middleton to hear about wacky games in the Forest of Dean, how to develop a new love of nature, an eerie winter woodland walk, writing music inspired by the woods and re-enacting Kevin Costner's Robin Hood Prince of Thieves film!
  • Woodland Walks - The Woodland Trust Podcast podcast

    13. The New Forest with Dan Snow


    Join Adam and TV historian Dan Snow in the New Forest, one of Dan’s favourite woods and a wonderful place for history. But while history is a huge part of his life, it’s not his only passion. He’s also a self-confessed tree hugger. His love for the New Forest is clear on our walk. While growing up in London, his family regularly visited the area and he now lives nearby, describing it as a special and nurturing landscape. Of course, Dan sees many things with a historian’s eyes, but trees are a tonic too. Like many of us – especially in 2020 - he has found woods important for wellness, a place of extraordinary healing.

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