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    WLP119 Nick Monaco meets Rhonda INTL


    "The crew had the pleasure of taking over the coveted Rhonda party in Los Angeles in May. For those not familiar, Rhonda parties have a reputation for being a truly free space where lines of any kind get blurred, a meeting ground and pressure valve for the LGBT community, a place to experiment, one united under a mirror encrusted set of legs, which replaces the standard disco ball. This podcast, which re-awakens the Wolf + Lamb podcast, is my DJ set from that evening at Rhonda in late May. Special thanks to Gregory and Loren who throw Rhonda and the colorful cast that shows up and makes Rhonda the space it is." - Nick Monaco
  • Wolf + Lamb Radio podcast

    WLP118 No Regular Play Live


    Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s the hardest working men in showbiz, it’s the main event, recorded live & direct.
  • Wolf + Lamb Radio podcast

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  • Wolf + Lamb Radio podcast

    WLP117 The Waves Psychelicious


    Maayan's home from left-field as The Waves. Psychedelic-punk-rock-inspired, setting the tone for her upcoming record on Wolf + Lamb Records: The Waves & Us. Love it.
  • Wolf + Lamb Radio podcast

    WLP116 WLSC Extended Set at Lilith Tokyo - Part I


    Our triumphant return to Tokyo alongside our brothers in funk, Soul Clap. Hosted by Lilith over 8 hours long. Part two available on the Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast.
  • Wolf + Lamb Radio podcast

    WLP115 Baby Prince's Wood You Be Mine


    here's a collection of tracks softly mixed that have been close to my heart this year, new, old and unreleased, but most importantly FOR LOVERS and LOVE MAKING.... 1 - MythSyzer - Blue 2 - Jimi Tenor, Tony Allen - Selfish Gene 3 - Nick Monaco - My Baby's Back (Can't Wait) [Soul Clap Records] 4 - Erdbeerschnitzel - Wait 5 - El Michels Affair - C.R.E.A.M. 6 - Metronomy - Loving Arm (Metronomy Remix) 7 - Pillow Talk - vs. El Michaels Affair ft. Navid Izadi- Can't It Be Simple_ (Wake Me Up 3) 2.0 8 - Nina Simone - Baltimore 9 - Fleetwood Mac - Brown Eyes 10 - The Souljazz Orchestra - Nijaay 11 - Alias G - So Real 12 - Jennifer Lara - I Am In Love 13 - Jerome C - Why Must We Go On Feat.Einat (Double Standard Records) 14 - Frank Oceah - Thinkin Bout You 15 - Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk
  • Wolf + Lamb Radio podcast

    WLP114 No Regular Play's Inspirado


    Hot on the heels of their debut album, our boys no negular play tune us into this special inspirado mix. Featuring the sounds and influences that brought about their album and continue to inspire their music to this day.
  • Wolf + Lamb Radio podcast

    WLP113 Wolf + Lamb at Mutek Piknic Electronik


    We're longtime fans of Montreal's MUTEK festival, first attending in 2004, the event was a major turning point in our early careers. We were truly honored to play the extended 3 hour closing set at this years Piknic Electronik.
  • Wolf + Lamb Radio podcast

    WLP112 Double Standard: Two Years & Ten Records


    Label founder Gadi Mizrahi aka Baby Prince aka Money & Soul Clap's Eli Gold deliver this fascinating chronological journey through ten releases and two years of Double Standard music.
  • Wolf + Lamb Radio podcast

    WLP111 Crazy P Soundsystem Live, Miami


    Crazy P Soundsystem Live kicking off the Wolf + Lamb & Soul Clap winter residency at the legendary Electric Pickle, Miami
  • Wolf + Lamb Radio podcast

    WLP110 Slow Hands Live at Ego, Hamburg


    Slow Hands is back charting new territory on a magical journey through disco infused dance country, fresh with heartfelt vocals and soaring melodies. Recorded live at Ego, Hamburg August 2011. Photo by Deniz Kurtel.

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