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Woke Witch

Erica Derrickson

Let me just say it: I'm not going to live a normal life - not if I have any say in it. I want to live a life of adventure, expansion, chaos, healing, integration, wisdom, and discovery. I'm a wild n woke witch just starting to learn the depths of my magical and creative abilities - my power - and I'm willing to take the risk and step out of the ordinary so I can bring you the extraordinary. Are you with me?

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  • Woke Witch podcast

    How to feel happy in the morning 😃


    What we do first thing in the morning sets us up for the rest of the day, not to mention the rest of our lives. So in this podcast I share some tips that I've learned about how to best use this time to cultivate a happy life. For more, check out my website at www.ericaderrickson.com where you can find my book, tshirts, and more. Yay you! ❤️
  • Woke Witch podcast

    How to do all the things in life 😄


    How is it that some people seem to have more time than others? In that, they seem to be able to accomplish so much while others never get around to doing the things because life just happens. In this podcast I'll share some tips and tricks around how to use your time to finally get to the things that are important to you. For more info on the book I'm referencing "The Magick of Bending Time" by Britt Bolnick visit my website www.ericaderrickson.com/ericasfavs 😄
  • Woke Witch podcast

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  • Woke Witch podcast

    My annoying spiritual teacher on the bus to Mexico


    Probably still inebriated from the night before, he was one of my most annoying - yet undeniably lovable - spiritual teachers, sent to help me see how I create my own suffering.
  • Woke Witch podcast

    Feeling shitty? This is for you 🎁


    I'm not feeling so great right now, so I decided to give myself the comforting words I need to hear myself - and I share these words with any of my friends who are also not feeling so great right now.
  • Woke Witch podcast

    It's so cute when I get sad 😓


    I've been learning so much about myself recently, especially in regards to my patterns around sadness and despair. And, believing I have a choice in how I manifest my reality, I think I would prefer to do things differently moving forward.
  • Woke Witch podcast

    Super power medicine song with Ananda ✨


    This is one of my favorite medicine songs I've been learning. Thank you Ananda for allowing me the privilege of recording it and sharing it!
  • Woke Witch podcast

    Songs I'm learning 🎶


    My friend Tosha is helping me learn some new songs, and you are welcome to learn and sing along with me 🎶
  • Woke Witch podcast

    What the f#ck am I doing??? 🤮


    Ah the night before the big leap - it typically always feels like this: self-doubt, the internal judgment loop, fear of leaving the safety of my comfort zone. Yup. I'm in it and I thought you might enjoy a glimpse into the true nature of my "lucky" adventure as it's unfolding. My yoga training with www.thekulacollective.com starts tomorrow!
  • Woke Witch podcast

    My favorite song ✨💖🌳✨


    Rarely do we capture such a magical moment as this - a magical Irish woman named Ifa sings my favorite medicine song from the forest ✨💖🌳✨
  • Woke Witch podcast

    Why I'm giving away all my stuff 💀✌️🕊️


    Sometimes we have to die to who we were in order to be reborn as who we're meant to be. It's certainly not an easy process, but if we adopt a certain mindset it can be much more easeful and gentle than if we go into it kicking and screaming 😱 You can find my videos on Facebook at www.facebook.com/withErica Instagram @ericaderrickson and learn more about the yoga teacher training I'm doing at www.thekulacollective.com. Thanks for listening friends, may you have a beautiful death and rise as a gorgeous phoenix into the new you ❤️

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