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035: Marjon Andesha - Founder & Executive Chef, Nolu’s

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Marjon Andesha’s culinary journey started at a young age.


Born in Colorado and raised in California in a traditional Afghani home, Marjon grew up embracing diverse cultures and traditions.  Marjon’s parents built and ran many restaurants and this made food a core part of Marjon’s soul and upbringing.


She grew up learning from her mother’s love for food and from her father’s commitment to serve people with a great food experience. She learned and believed that love for food must be coupled with a passion to serve people.


In 2004, Marjon moved to Abu Dhabi with her family. She began cooking at home and entertaining her friends and family with her delicious meals. Her friends advised her to open a restaurant and share her passion with the people of Abu Dhabi.


In 2011, Marjon opened Nolu’s – named after her son Noah and daughter Lujayn. Nolu’s is a concept that fuses Marjon’s Afghani earth roots with California’s palates of health and color. In 12 years, Nolu’s has grown to become one of the most admired brands with many people in the UAE and across the region coming to try it.


The concept also provides healthy to go offerings, wellness meal plans, and catering that have been proven successful in the business community. Since opening, Nolu’s has won many awards as a top restaurant and became a favorite destination for the UAE leaders, VIP’s and world dignitaries.


With this success, Nolu’s has expanded across Abu Dhabi into Dubai with 10 concepts around the region.

Having lived in the region for 18 years and counting her experience and background makes her a vital asset to the culinary scene.

On this episode, Marjon joins host Mitchell Davis to share her journey as a female restaurateur in the Emirates, to highlight the UAE’s expanding food scene, and to celebrate the kaleidoscope of flavors found in Afghan cuisine.


Follow Marjon and Nolu’s on Instagram @marjons_experiences @marjon.andesha and @nolusrestaurants and Facebook @nolusrestaurants

For more on Marjon and Nolu’s, visit https://www.nolusrestaurants.com/

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