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What the Shell?

John Kordis

Welcome to ”What the Shell?” where I dive into major hacks and vulnerabilities in a way meant to be accessible by anyone. Come with me as we look at each incident through an exciting lens of curiosity. Join us on our discord if you‘d like to participate in discussions with myself and our guests! https://discord.gg/mBPbWcVRYR

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  • What the Shell? podcast

    011 - /Anon/


    This week, we're diving into Anonymous. Not much more needs to be said, but it's a doozy. Sit back, log in, and let's go.  Follow me on twitter and Instagram @shell_pod , email me at [email protected] , and check out the new site at https://whattheshellpod.com 
  • What the Shell? podcast

    010 - The SoupNazi


    For the tenth episode, we're diving into the man that played TJX, Dave & Busters, and even the Secret Service for fools. We're talking about...the soup nazi.   Follow me on twitter and Instagram @shell_pod , email me at [email protected] , and check out the new site at https://whattheshellpod.com 
  • What the Shell? podcast

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  • What the Shell? podcast

    009 - The Target Job


    This week, I'm diving in to the 2013 hack of Target, which lost over 40 million instances of customer data, including some pretty heavy information. Find out how it moved around with me this week while I explain What the Shell happened.   Follow me on twitter and Instagram @shell_pod , email me at [email protected] , and check out the new site at https://whattheshellpod.com 
  • What the Shell? podcast

    008 - The Skip Tracer


    This week, we're using my off week to talk to T4NK. T4NK Runs the "Cyber Sector 7" and does Skip Tracing for a living. So, instead of me telling you a story, I'll be asking the questions as T4NK explains What The Shell as Skip Tracer is, and why privacy is so critical in your day to day life. Check out our discord if you'd like to ask T4NK any more questions, he's a member there and would be happy to answer! https://discord.gg/mBPbWcVRYR  You can check out T4NK's website, http://cybersector7.com and http://usosint.com and his podcast is on all major platforms. 
  • What the Shell? podcast

    007 - Straight from the (Open) Source


    Join our discord to talk with me and others about the episode: https://discord.gg/qHsqhW62 This week, I'm going to change up the format a bit. I'm putting you in the seat of a hacker as they start their journey. Ever wonder how they got your email address? What kind of stuff they might need to get into your account and how they can get it just by doing a little bit of google-fu? Come with me this episode while I take you on that tour of Open Source Intelligence, some presidential blunders that can come from it, and what Skip Tracing is. And make sure to check out @shell_pod on Instagram or Twitter for more informaton. You can also email me at [email protected]  
  • What the Shell? podcast

    006 - The Tragedy of Jonathan James


    Jonathan James, the first teen ever imprisoned in the US for cyber crime related activities. He hacked NASA, the DoD, and was the inspiration for many characters you've probably seen.  Join me while I take you on a journey where I explain What the Shell happened to the boy known as C0mrade.   Follow me on instagram @shell_pod for more content! Or email me with any questions at [email protected]
  • What the Shell? podcast



    This week, I take an intermission as I'm recovering from some pretty bad technical difficulties that resulted in the loss of this episode and the next few I had in the bank. In the meantime, reach out to me with all your questions. I've been loving getting to know some of you in the small community I've got so head over to @shell_pod or email me at [email protected] and we'll keep that going!   Also, check out Cyber Sector 7 here to see how your digital footprint might be bigger than you think, and how to maybe get a grip on it! https://cybersector7.com/cyber-sector-7-podcast/ 
  • What the Shell? podcast

    005 - The Lazarus Group


    In this episode, we take a look at what else that Lazarus group from last week has done, and how they make money for North Korea. Follow @shell_pod on instagram for more the pictures and info talked about in todays episode!
  • What the Shell? podcast

    004 - Who Hacked Sony Pictures?


    Come with me this week while I take you back to 2014 and we go over who hacked Sony Pictures, in what was possibly the largest entertainment industry hack to have ever occurred. We'll talk about who might have done it, and why one major movie might have instigated.   To see the image displayed on the machines after they were hacked check out our instagram @shell_pod , or go over to our subreddit /r/whattheshell for a discussion on this episode where that's posted.
  • What the Shell? podcast

    003 - Free Kevin (Part 2)


    Join me while we continue the story of Kevin Mitnick and find out who caught him, why his jail time was so controversial, and what he's up to now.   Follow @shell_pod on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date as well!

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