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VIA VHS is a retro movie and pop culture podcast dedicated to the best and worst from the VCR era. Join Wesley and Spencer as they reminisce about movies and pop culture from the last great decades. “Rewind Review” episodes provide retrospectives and reviews on Movies and TV Shows, while “Nostalgia Specials” look back on everything from video games, toys, news, events and culture from the 70s, 80s and 90s

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  • VIA VHS Podcast podcast

    Dawn of the Dead - Rewind Review


    The self-proclaimed Horror Novice Wesley joins co-host Spencer to give his thoughts on his FIRST EVER viewing of the all-time great horror masterpiece, George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Did the standard bearer of Zombie flicks further drive Wesley's new found interest in the genre? Or was he underwhelmed? BLASPHEMY!! Also hear the Flashback Portal's first foray into the 1970's in this episode of VIA VHS Rewind Review.
  • VIA VHS Podcast podcast

    Tammy and the T-Rex - Rewind Review


    Buried into oblivion was this bizarre, horror comedy starring Denise Richards and Paul Walker called Tammy and the T-Rex. Originally marketed as a light hearted and stupid family film, Tammy and the T-Rex lost all it's gory, violent, tongue-in-cheek charm and disappeared from public awareness for almost two decades. Vinegar Syndrome with help of a gory Italian cut of the film, restored Tammy (or Tanny?) to it's former glory as a B-level horror comedy inspired by the all but brief access to an animatronic T-Rex and presumably drugs. In this episode of Rewind Review, Wes and Spencer look at the original vision of Tammy and the T-Rex
  • VIA VHS Podcast podcast

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  • VIA VHS Podcast podcast

    No Time To Die - Fast Forward


    This is the very first episode of VIA VHS Fast Forward. We live in an era where classic films and franchises are constantly being rebooted, so this new show gives Wes and Spencer a chance to visit the sequels, prequels, reboots and remakes of current films that cash in on movies from the VHS era. In this first episode, we review the final film in the Daniel Craig era of James Bond, No Time To Die.
  • VIA VHS Podcast podcast

    License to Kill - Rewind Review


    As the Cold War wanes and the Soviet villain is becoming passe, James Bond finds a new foe in America's other ongoing war with drugs. This is an odd Bond film but perhaps one of the best. Unfortunately, an absolutely stacked box office and a new geopolitical era on the horizon caused this Bond film to be lost in the shuffle, calling into question the future of the franchise as a whole. In this episode of VIA VHS Rewind Review, Wes and Spencer revisit Timothy Dalton's last outing in his all to brief run as Bond, License to Kill.
  • VIA VHS Podcast podcast

    The Living Daylights - Rewind Review


    No more fun and games, no more corny villains, no more silliness…ok a little silliness, but not too much. It’s the late 80s and it’s time for a new James Bond. A Bond that won’t take your shit, a Bond that will bang your Mom, eat all of your Fruit Roll Ups and then leave. Timothy Dalton is here to steal your girl. Roger Moore was fun, don’t get me wrong, but we need a return to Fleming’s Bond. A cold, ruthless assassin in the streets and, well, ask your Mom about the sheets. The forgotten Bond, Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights is this weeks Rewind Review.
  • VIA VHS Podcast podcast

    Cool as Ice - Rewind Review


    Not long ago, in an age of neon pants, ghetto blasters and breakdancing, the world was covered in ice...Vanilla Ice. Mr. Van Winkle was everywhere in 90-91, but as the Vanilla Ice-age was coming to an end in October of 1991, the Vanilla Ice marketing decided to strike while the iron was cool and release the much maligned box office bomb, Cool as Ice. In this episode of Rewind Review, Wes and Spencer look back at this time capsule of douchebaggery and tell you how cool it really is! Word to ya mutha
  • VIA VHS Podcast podcast

    Cocktail - Rewind Review


    At the height of Tom Cruise's charm and star power comes one of his dumbest, if not the dumbest hit film of his career, Cocktail. Though this film made a ton of money, had a huge soundtrack and has become somewhat of a cult-classic, it's fair to wonder if Cocktail could've been an even bigger hit than it was. Wes and Spencer dissect this delusional, romantic and corny take on bartending. We tell you if Cocktail is deservedly maligned or a misunderstood classic.
  • VIA VHS Podcast podcast

    American Ninja - Rewind Review


    From the infamous Canon Films studio comes one of their most notorious flicks, American Ninja. How do you sell a Kung-Fu/Ninja flick to a Western audience in the middle of the uber-patriotic Reagan era? You make the ninja white of course! American and white that is. In a role tailor made for Chuck Norris who inevitably turned it down, do you find another white karate champion to take his place? No ,screw that! Get a male model with a few acting credits. What, why, how in the hell is American Ninja.
  • VIA VHS Podcast podcast

    Runaway - Rewind Review


    Tom Selleck, Gene Simmons and Kirstie Alley in a film together sounds like the result of an 80s Mad Lib, but it’s actually some of the cast from a real life Michael Crichton film called Runaway. Like many other Crichton films in which he wrote and/or directed, Runaway focuses on the possible evils of human technological advancements, but does this film pack the punch of some of Crichton’s other works? Wes and Spencer look back at this often forgotten Sci-Fi thriller.

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