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Better Pred Than Dead? Debunking Myths in Veterinary Cancer Care

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"Will my dog lose his hair?"

"Should we just put him on steroids?"

Facing a cancer diagnosis in a beloved pet can be overwhelming, with owners and vets often harbouring misconceptions about the treatment journey ahead.

In this insightful episode, vet Danny Chambers engages in a candid conversation with Aaron Harper, a specialist in veterinary oncologist at Wear Veterinary Referrals.

Together, they delve into the ethical considerations surrounding cancer treatment in companion animals, debunking prevalent myths that often cloud judgment.

Owners often ask questions like, "Will my dog lose their hair?" and "Is chemotherapy appropriate for older pets?" and we discuss these with clarity and compassion.

Join us as we navigate the ethics and practical considerations of animal cancer care, shedding light on the reality behind common misconceptions, empowering owners and veterinarians alike with accurate information and compassionate guidance.

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