Urban Forestry Forum - UMass ECO 605 podcast

Urban Forestry Forum - UMass ECO 605

David Bloniarz

Welcome to this podcast series being brought to you by the University of Massachusetts Environmental Conservation's Urban Forestry: Structure, Function & Value class. The podcasts, outlining our semester's readings, is intended as an opportunity to explore the foundation urban forestry, and will introduce concepts related to the management of urbanized landscapes. The podcasts, presented by members of the class, will focus on what comprises the urban forest, its function as a natural system, its role in creating sustainable communities and value as an environmental and social catalyst.

Don't forget to also check back regularly, to add to what timely topics the students will be presenting. New episodes will be posted on Monday and Thursdays each academic semester. Visit www.unri.org/podcasts for more information.

3 Episodes

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