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Unseen Theatre

Unseen Theatre is an audio podcast showcasing original plays featuring female protagonists voiced by SAG-AFTRA actors, produced by Diane Quinn and Bill Fuller. Our plays explore universal themes across all genres and are enhanced with original music and narration to give the listener a more intimate, immersive experience.

27 Episodes

  • Unseen Theatre podcast

    Under The Carpet (Full Play)


    A creative life is interrupted by a traumatic event that not even her wealthy family can save her from. Can this artist’s determination to be true to her own voice get her back on track? Written by Jesse Bernardini, Diane Quinn, and Bill Fuller, Directed by Prudence Wright Holmes.
  • Unseen Theatre podcast

    Under The Carpet: (Act 2 SN 11-12) To hell with the rules


    Time passes and Fiona is back in an artistic groove, according to Paula, who has her own concerns and fears that she shares with Fiona. Fiona explains to Paula that she has a different perspective now due to all the treatment she gone through and is trying to throw away her inhibitions as she explores life and art through new eyes. Will this riskier approach allow her to become the artist she has always wanted to be or is it too abstract?
  • Unseen Theatre podcast

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  • Unseen Theatre podcast

    Under The Carpet: (Act 2 SN 9-10) I can’t remember and I don’t want to


    Returning to the moment things changed is necessary to move forward, according to Nina, and Fi thinks she is ready. George is there to support her, but neither is ready for this rush of memories that coming flooding back and the train wreck that ensues, as a result. Will this start Fiona on a hopeless downward spiral, or can she use this work with Nina and her group counselor as a springboard?
  • Unseen Theatre podcast

    Under The Carpet: (Act 2 SN 6-8) If I can’t paint who am I?


    Fiona has experienced so much joy from painting, but can’t seem to get herself back on that canvas as a result of what happened and fears she may never be able to. Nina, her therapist, simply wants her to learn how to breath and not worry about the next step. Once Fiona learns to be more in the present she wonders about her future with George and her family. She knows she is no longer feels the same, but what does that really mean?
  • Unseen Theatre podcast

    Under The Carpet: (Act 2 SN 3-5) What about what I want


    Phil wasn’t always the father Fiona wanted but he is the father she got. Still, she is no longer willing to hide under the bed or keep quiet when her future is at stake, even if it means inciting him. George tries to soothe Fiona in every way he can but, the hurt is too deep and he realizes she needs more than he can give. How will therapy help her when she doesn’t where to start?
  • Unseen Theatre podcast

    Under The Carpet: (Act 2 SN 1-2) First love and second chances


    A glance forward shows that Fiona is seemingly back on the right track and again showing promise, according to NY Times Art critic, Henry. But, how did she get there from here? More importantly, what did she learn along the way? Phil’s visit certainly may have been responsible for the genesis of her transformation, but perhaps not in the way he thought. Will Fiona allow him to apologize or will she rip the carpet out from under his feet and she removes the rose-colored glasses from his eyes?
  • Unseen Theatre podcast

    Under The Carpet: (Act 1 SN 8-11) Passion, Pomp and Circumstance


    Tricia’s comment triggers George to recall a time when he and Fiona were happy and so much in love. Things with Fiona’s family were never as they seemed and everyone knew it, but played their part to perfection, in public. But when Tom, speaks the unspeakable and sparks fly enough to ignite smoldering embers, can Ophelia stop the inferno or will Phil fan the flames that start to burn this house of cards, known as the Miller family?
  • Unseen Theatre podcast

    Under The Carpet: (Act 1 SN 5-7) Sunday in the Park with George and the Millers


    George needs to get his sister’s car and straighten things out with Fiona, but Joanne thinks it’s not a good idea and he should give it some time. For Fiona and her family, time is not helping them keep up appearances. As cocktails flow freely, the veneer is wearing thin for all, and ugliness is beginning to surface, especially when George breaks up their little party. Will Fiona share her secrets or suffer in silence?
  • Unseen Theatre podcast

    Under The Carpet: (Act 1 SN 3-4) Three of a Kind


    George visits his father’s old card game; Joanne realizes he isn’t his usual self and tries to help. Meanwhile, Fiona can’t just behave and do as is expected, like her brother, Tom’s fiancé, Trisha. Tom is just like his parents, following in their footsteps, planning his future, but Fi isn’t like the rest of them, she can’t pretend, or can she?
  • Unseen Theatre podcast

    Under The Carpet: (Act 1 SN 1-2) They Should Know


    Fiona’s creative and personal life is moving in the right direction when it is interrupted suddenly and unexpectedly. How can she possibly explain to her family what happened when she herself is trying to piece it together? Paula helps her as much as she can, and even suggests Fiona skip this celebration, so she has more time to heal. But Fiona, who has been groomed to say everything is fine, insists she can she pull it off. But can she when saying it to the people who taught her to be proper?

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