Two Reds are Better than One podcast

Two Reds are Better than One

Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter

Two of the dental industry's top leading coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants talking about business and life with Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter.

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  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

    S05 S11: The viewpoint from a business manager


    Lucie Simic started out as a Journalist and after helping Mike Hesketh at the Exeter Dental Centre with his social media, ended up being his Business Manager. (Mike was a previous guest on our podcast).   In just four years they turned a Practice whose turnover was £400,000 to £2.4M, eventually selling it to BUPA for £3.2m. Lucie implemented 6 strategies that allowed this to happen and on this podcast, you will discover what they are and how they created a truly world class dental practice.   This was a gem of a podcast and the longest one we have ever recorded in five years. You will discover; The importance of setting a vision and selling the dream to the team What a Brand Book is and why it is needed The essential traits when recruiting for a committed and successful Business/Practice Manager How to retain your team and what is essential to get your team motivated and to go the extra mile for your Practice. A clue, it has little to do with pay! The difference between a Staff Journey and a Patient Journey and why you need both to be truly world class The difference between a Growth Chat and an appraisal and how you can give your people a progression plan The importance of measurement - do you know the hourly profit rate per surgery? and why you need to... Why morning huddles are essential and what happens in them Front of House - why they are the most important people in your Practice, you will see them differently after hearing Lucie   AND MUCH MORE.
  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

    S05 S10: Process and Passion


    This month’s guest is unique.   Steve Anderson lives and works in the Greater Phoenix area of Arizona and, since 1997 has been building dental offices, thousands of them.   Yes - thats right - he runs a 20-strong building company responsible for the construction of purpose-built dental practices as well as refurbishments of existing premises.   That’s where the “process” comes in - because you can’t build a building that isn’t going to fall down without following the process to the letter.   But he also brings something else to the equation - and that’s where the “passion” appears.   For over 20 years Steve has worked with dental clients and has seen them make the mistakes in business that cost them time and money - not building mistakes - business mistakes.   So our builder has become a business coach - and had used the lessons he has learned in his own career and the observations he has made of others to help his clients to grow.   In this podcast you will learn: the difference between a professional and an accountable professional; How to open your closed F.I.S.T. the two pitfalls that lead to overwhelm and how to avoid them; a description of Steve’s new book “DentalEase: The Essential Guide to Creating the Stress-Free and Profitable Dental Practice of Your Dreams. and much more.
  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

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  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

    S05 S09: What Star Wars teaches us about building a practice in which people want to work


    This month we welcome back on old friend, Mark Topley, to talk about the current recruitment crisis in dentistry.   Well, actually, we start off with a bit of general banter but...   With dental nurses leaving the profession, lack of responses to recruitment advertising for all positions and a general fatigue and malaise in the workplace - how on earth does a busy Practice Manager or Principal keep and attract Ideal Team Players?   Mark shares with us the wisdom he has accumulated after years in leadership and in the charitable sector, as well as advising many current UK dental businesses on their CSR and Leadership strategies.   In this interview you will learn: The 5 characteristics of a fabulous workplace; Why pay and conditions for dental nurses are due for a reset; How to become a loveable Boss - and why it is important; The steps in building a sustainable culture of success; Why leadership isn’t about YOU; How to avoid a pay war; What The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars teach us about how we should pitch our recruitment advertising.
  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

    S05 S08: How to use the hidden asset in your Dental Practice to increase sales by 20% in the next 90 days


    With many Dentists telling us that they are bombarded with new patients but have limited availability, this is a great time to look at your Hygiene/Therapy Department and see how you can make it even more efficient than ever before, you just might be sitting on a hidden gold mine.    In this podcast, Ashley and Chris interview two key opinion leaders from the Therapist and Hygiene world Robiha Nazir and Cat Edney, who will share proven strategies on how to add real value to your patients and grow your turnover.   In this interview, you will learn  Why Hygienists/Therapists are under utilised  Changes since Covid 19 and why NOW is a great time to re-invent your Hygiene/Therapy Department  How it is possible to free up 40-50% of a dentist's time  Why the Scale and Polish appointments don't work anymore  How Hygienists and Therapists can grow sales and the mind set that is needed How to sell and promote more product sales  How to maximise the benefits of the IntraOral Cameras and Scanners in your dental practice  Why a different conversation is needed between Hygiene/Therapist and the Principal
  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

    S05 E07: How not to be a knob


    In this no holding back interview, Chris and Ashley interviewed Nigel Risner a second time for the 'Two Reds are Better than one Podcast' and it was truly a brilliant interview.  Chris and Ashley specifically asked Nigel's thoughts on the current challenges Dental Owners are facing with recruitment, staff retention and motivating their team. You will learn: How to adapt to change and uncertainty  Understand why people leave and tips to make sure that you retain great people  How to understand what is important when your team comes to work. The conversation around understanding your team's personal needs, is worth the time you will invest by listening to this podcast  How to adopt a resilience attitude to life and some what you can learn from the athletes who took part in the Olympics  The power of appreciation, in particular hand written letters/cards The power of the 1% and the difference it can make on performance  The 2-11 to the 2-12 strategy, you will need to listen to the end of the podcast to understand this one single strategy  AND MUCH MORE  There is something in this podcast for everyone and we promise that your life will be better for the 40 minutes you invest by listening to this podcast. 
  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

    S05 E06: Marketing Truth Bombs - What Most Marketers Won’t Tell You


    We are delighted this month to welcome a powerful influencer in USA dental marketing, who shares with us her own professional story as well as some priceless tips on marketing in the current landscape.   Grace graduated in 2007 with a background in advertising and psychology and bears testimony that her first job in sales taught her lifelong skills that formed the foundation for her future success.   She became the marketing director of a 2-location dental business in 2009 and, over the next 2 years, sharpened her skills at the cliff face by constructively destroying and rebuilding a marketing system that wasn’t working.   Founding Identity Dental Marketing in 2009, she has by her own admission become an overnight success over 13 years of hard work, starting by cold-calling local dental practices (the hard way) and growing her business and reach step by step.   Now she guided the growth of over 1,000 successful practices, broadcast her own podcast to more then 7,000 dental professionals and is a regular ad popular speaker at conferences.   You will learn: The importance of ethics in learning how to sell; The top marketing mistakes that dentists make; The biggest challenge of the Covid comeback; 3 top tips to grow your patient numbers; The importance of tracking - everything; Turning your marketing message into a real experience; Why it’s important to do marketing even when it is raining patients; Targeting the ideal patient; What’s next in marketing?   Enjoy the sheer energy that Grace brings to the room.
  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

    S05 E05: How a very busy practice in Leeds created a world class team that gives their patients a world class experience every time


    The Two Reds are Better Than One interview this week was with Jasmin Wigglesworth - the Practice Manager of Infinity Dental - and Gaby Saracino-Hamill - the lead TCO within the practice.   Last year we interviewed Mohsin Patel who is the Principal of the practice and many listeners stated it was one of the best interviews that we have done. This time we get to interview the key people within the practice who make it all happen. On this interview you will discover: How an extremely busy practice deals effectively with new enquiries both by telephone and emails; The role of the TCO to give world class patient care and how the practice rotates their roles to make the job more fun and rewarding; The importance of following up a patient; What gets discussed and reviewed in the morning huddle and how they are always consistently evolving the patient journey; The importance of the after-treatment interview, how they get 5 star google reviews, and enrol patients onto a membership plan; The advantages of recruiting new team members outside of dentistry. AND MUCH MORE...
  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

    S05 E04: The Dumb Mistakes Dentists make on a Regular Basis and how to avoid them in the future


    Rich Madow is a Dentist, Speaker and Business Coach from Baltimore in the USA.   He graduated in 1984 and started his dentistry career working in a hospital. Very quickly he found an associate position. However, he soon clashed with his boss and after a few months was sacked from his job.   Not long after, he purchased a run down Practice in his hometown which is where he started his journey into Entrepreneurship. At the time, dentists had a real issue with getting paid, and Rich and his brother devised a 'Collection Document' which they used in their own Practices. They soon found that it worked very quickly, bringing in thousands of dollars in unpaid bills. Knowing that they were onto something, they appointed the top copywriter in the USA to write a business letter and marketed this collection form to dentists all over the USA. The result was that over 30,000 dentists used these documents, a fantastic achievement when you consider there was no social media at the time.   The brothers founded a conference called TBSE, which was a yearly conference in Las Vegas where up to 2000 delegates regularly attended.   In this inspiring interview you will learn; The importance of developing Marketing Skills and how to apply them in your Practice The dumb mistakes dentists regularly make in their Practice The importance of your existing patients to your Practice and re-activating old ones that have not come in for a while The million dollar filing cabinet concept   AND SO MUCH MORE.
  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

    S5E03: Disrupting Recruitment


    This podcast is about how Andy has looked at the clinical recruitment landscape in UK dentistry and decided to wade in there with a completely fresh approach.   “Disruption", “agility" and “innovation" are the key words to associate with Andy’s new company.   In this interview you will learn:   how Clubhouse is taking the social media world by storm (and why CB doesn’t like it); about Mark Beaumont’s book on cycling around the world (and why Ashley loves it); how Andy wants to set “personality” as the central focus of recruitment; why good clinicians and excellent Employers struggle to find each other in a world abundant with talent; how Openwide is introducing a completely new experience to both candidates and employers in UK dentistry; the innovative use of video showreels to replace CVs and job adverts; why recruitment has to be a process and not a knee jerk; replacing boring job descriptions with “The Year Long 100 task List”; how to turn a job into a career; how Andy helps his clients with “The DeepDive Call”.   If you want a career pathway in dentistry OR if you want to be able to hire the best clinicians around - this podcast is for you.
  • Two Reds are Better than One podcast

    S5E02: The Farmah brothers - three years of transformation


    Discover how two brothers bought an Ortho Practice & transformed it into a beautiful multi-disciplinary practice in just three years (with Covid thrown in for good measure).   Brothers Rohit and Karan Farmah, two very young dentists are on a serious mission.   They purchased a traditional Ortho Practice in Birmingham three years ago, during this time, they have re-named, re-branded and now ' The House of Dental' takes referrals from dentists in the area.   They cover every dental speciality within the Practice. They have achieved so much in such a short period of time.   They have had plenty of ups, but along the way, many challenging moments where they have had to really dig deep, work round the clock to get to where they are now.   Both Rohit and Karan were extremely generous with their time and also sharing their ideas, have a big pad and pen to write down all the ideas you will get from this 45 minute interview.   In this episode, you will discover; Why their partnership has worked so well and the skill sets needed when you are buying a Practice. The importance of delegation and letting go. What you as a boss need to concentrate on. Why you need a superb Practice Manager on board The recruitment of a ' Referral Manager' a first for the dental industry How to get your team on board with your vision and why it is so important when you are buying a dental practice. What qualities are important when you are recruiting and how to do it right first time The mistakes made when buying a new practice and the lessons learnt Why it is important to make decisions quickly - the seven day rule The importance of commanding and earning respect AND MUCH MORE

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