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55: Justine van der Leun

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In this episode, as part of Domestic Violence Awareness month, Bob is joined by independent journalist Justine van der Leun, host of the upcoming new podcast “Believe Her.”  The pair cover a wide range of important topics, such as bias in the criminal justice system, what it means to be a “perfect victim,” and the division of gender roles in relationships. These discussions lead into an in-depth conversation about the subject of the Believe Her podcast, the case of Nikki Addimando. In 2017, just after a visit from CPS due to concerns of domestic violence that lead to an altercation, Nikki shot and killed her boyfriend. She took her kids and ran, only to later turn herself into police. Despite an extensive and thoroughly documented history of extreme physical and sexual violence perpetrated by her boyfriend, Nikki’s claims of self-defense would ultimately be dismissed by a jury, and she was convicted of second-degree murder. Nikki is still serving time in prison, but her case serves as a terrifying and tragic example of the difficulties survivors of domestic violence face in the American criminal justice system, highlighting the biases that result in a staggering number of women being imprisoned after attempting to free themselves and their loves ones from danger at the hands of their partners.

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    67: Kate Winkler Dawson


    Bob is joined by renowned author and documentarian, Kate Winkler Dawson. Kate hosts the podcast “Tenfold More Wicked,” where she tells historical true crime stories through the lenses of narrative nonfiction and investigate journalism. In the interview, Bob and Kate chat about podcast recording style and tips, whether or not it’s a good thing when someone tells you they fall asleep listening to your podcast, and Kate’s mom. They then dive into a discussion on the mysterious death of Allene Lamson. In 1933, a real estate agent arrived at the Lamson home to find Allene’s husband, David, out in the backyard chatting with a neighbor. When David went inside to retrieve his wife, he discovered her body amidst a bloody scene. Without any answers as to what may have happened, David was the sole suspect, but after four trials, the case remains unsolved to this day. To suggest a guest or request an interview, please visit us at   Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge   Today's Sponsors: - Don't fall for subscription scams. Start canceling today with Truebill. - Use code "TCB" to get 83% off plus 3 extra months for free. 
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    66: Sam Walker


    This week, Bob chats with Sam Walker, host of the #1 UK podcast, “American Vigilante.” Sam worked as a BBC journalist up until two years ago, when she and her family uprooted their lives in the UK and moved to Phoenix, AZ. The move led to the creation of Sam’s award-winning podcast, “Desert Diaries,” documenting the journey. Before Sam tells Bob about how she discovered the story that would become the subject of “American Vigilante,” the pair discuss Daylight Savings Time, what it’s like to move to a different country, and driving on the opposite side of the road. Sam then tells Bob about “KC,” an unknown individual who claims to be a US military veteran-turned-leader of a vigilante troupe. On “American Vigilante,” Sam shares her interviews with KC, where he tells stories of vigilante justice, wild beyond imagination, yet vividly told in detail, leaving it up to the listener to decide just what to believe. To suggest a guest or request an interview, please visit us at   Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge   Today's Sponsors: - Get 10% off your first month. - Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in "truth" to get a free 4-week trial plus a digital scale, without any long-term commitments. - Get 83% off plus 3 extra months free with code "TCB". - Get a free 80-milliliter defuser when you subscribe. 
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    65: Paige Elmore


     In this week’s episode, Bob interviews Paige Elmore, host of “Reverie True Crime” and co-founder of the indie podcast network, the Darckast Network. After a chronic illness diagnosis took away her dream job as a Veterinary Assistant, Paige discovered true crime and began her podcast, which quickly became her new passion. “Reverie True Crime” covers stories of crime and creepy things, hoping to bring awareness to the injustices around us. Bob and Paige chat about potty training puppies, southern accents, and Michigander dialects. They also discuss the tragic and horrific case of the Pikeville Six, six troubled teenagers whose actions lead to the deaths of three members of the Lillelid family on an abandoned road in eastern Tennessee. To suggest a guest or request an interview, please visit us at   Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge   Today's Sponsor: - Get 15% off. 
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    64: Quinlan and Kerry


    This week, Bob is joined by Quinlan Pozner and Kerry Ipema, the hilarious hosts of true crime comedy podcast “Truly, Darkly, Creeply.” Both of them actors, comedians, and writers by trade, Quinlan and Kerry tell each other creepy stories of true crime, the paranormal, unsolved mysteries, and more. Bob chats with the pair about numerous topics, including how gay friends are the best friends, deep fryer flame throwers, burritos, and, of course, farts. In fact, the three spend so long swapping stories, that they ran out of time to discuss the case! Make sure you check out Episode 22 of Truly, Darkly, Creeply to hear the crazy story of Larry Ray and his co-ed cult at Sarah Lawrence College. To suggest a guest or request an interview, please visit us at   Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge   Today's Sponsors: - Use code "binge" at checkout for 20% off. - Get 10% off your first month. 
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    Introducing: American Scandal - The Pentagon Papers


    American Scandal is a podcast from Wondery that explores the darker stories that have shaped the United States. From the Unabomber to Bernie Madoff, these are stories that reveal the underbelly of America: ruthless, secretive, and power-hungry. The new season of American Scandal looks at the controversial decision made by a young government official named Daniel Ellsburg to leak the Pentagon Papers, the documents that led Americans to demand an end to the catastrophic Vietnam War. Once Ellsburg realized this terrible truth, he made the bold decision to leak the documents, and the consequences altered the course of American history. This is just a preview of American Scandal, but you can listen to the full episode at
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    63: Rebecca Nagle


    Bob is joined by award-winning activist and writer, Rebecca Nagle. Rebecca hosts “This Land,” a podcast by Crooked Media that centers around the many legal battles for indigenous rights that are occurring in the United States. As a citizen of Cherokee Nation, Rebecca brings her perspective and personal experiences to the podcast, delving deeply into the legal cases themselves, but also detailing the important histories and circumstances that surround each case. In the episode, Bob and Rebecca discuss Rebecca’s background and activism, the Gabby Petito case, and the issues of sexual assault and consent. They then dive into a discussion on a major topic of This Land’s Season 2, the case of Brackeen v. Haaland. The case originated as a lawsuit filed by a family seeking to adopt their indigenous foster child, but eventually grew into a federal case that would determine the future of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978. Rebecca’s research into the case also led her to uncover deeper conspiracies against the rights of Native Americans across the US, and to identify the specific groups responsible. To suggest a guest or request an interview, please visit us at   Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge   Today's Sponsors: - Get 40% off your first 3 month subscription plus a free mug and brother OR 20% off of any 1-time purchase. - Use promo code "binge" to try it for free for 30 days. - Get 10% off your first month.
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    62: Lauren Samples


    In this week’s episode, Bob sits down with one of the hosts of the “Paradise After Dark” podcast, Lauren Samples. A Florida native, Lauren hosts the show with her husband, Ken, where they tell the stories of what happens in “paradise” after the sun goes down. Bob and Lauren discuss her background as a Navy police officer, exchange quotes from “King of the Hill,” and laud the impressive research skills of True Crime Binge’s Production Manager. They then discuss the case of Taylor McAllister. In December 2016, Taylor’s murdered body was found in an alley in St. Petersburg, Florida. Quickly, three men were implicated in the case, including Taylor’s boyfriend at the time, though all three deny having anything to do with her death. Originally covered in a three-part series on “Paradise After Dark,” Taylor’s case eventually went cold and, to this day, no charges have been brought in relation to her murder. To suggest a guest or request an interview, please visit us at   Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge   Today's Sponsors: - Get 10% off your first month. - Download the Zocdoc App to sign-up for free and book a top-rated doctor. 
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    61: Camille Bianchi


    This week, Bob is joined by Camille Bianchi, host of the gripping Australian podcast, “The Nurse.” Camille began her career in finance journalism, reporting for several reputable Australian media outlets, during which time she encountered the story that would eventually become the subject of The Nurse. After uncovering a horrible history of sexual abuse and coverup in a Tasmanian hospital, Camille set out to bring the story to the public’s attention. With the launch of The Nurse in 2020, eyes were opened to the atrocities committed by a pediatric nurse at Launceston General Hospital, inspiring many others to come forward to tell Camille their stories. Through the podcast, Camille has exposed not only the tragic crimes committed, but also the inaction and lack of accountability of those responsible. Before discussing the case further, Bob and Camille chat about the status of the Australian lockdown, switching careers, and Bob’s obsession with cryptocurrency. The pair then take a deep dive into the case of “pillar of the community” turned abuser, James Griffin. To suggest a guest or request an interview, please visit us at   Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge   Today's Sponsors: - Enter code "BINGE" to get $10 off your purchase of a Skylight Calendar. - Use code "binge" at checkout to get 20% off your first purchase. 
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    60: M. William Phelps


    Today’s guest is award-winning investigative journalist and best-selling author, M. William Phelps. Inspired by his personal connection to true crime, Phelps has produced and appeared in many true crime TV shows, including “Dark Minds” and “To Catch a Killer,” and consulted on the popular Showtime show, “Dexter.” This year, Phelps launched his podcast, “Crossing the Line” with iHeartRadio, where he covers cases that are rarely discussed in popular media, with a special focus on victims and their families. Bob and Phelps discuss how they handle bad reviews, interviewing serial killers, and disparities in true crime coverage in the media. They also discuss the murder of Patricia, AKA “Patti,” Luce. In 1978, 18-year-old Patti went missing from a 7-Eleven in Connecticut. Less than a year later, her skeletal remains were located in some woods outside of Hartford, about 15 miles from her home. The investigation quickly went cold but testing of evidence in 1997 has led some to believe Patti’s case may be connected to several other murders in the area. To suggest a guest or request an interview, please visit us at   Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge   Today's Sponsors: - Enter code "BINGE" and get $10 off your purchase of a Skylight Calendar. - Get 40% off the first 3 months of any Beam subscription plus a free mug and frother, or 20% off any one-time purchase. - Use promo code "binge" for 30 days of free streaming. - Get 10% off your first month. 
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    59: Brett & Alice


    In this week’s episode, Bob interviews the hosts of “The Prosecutors” podcast, Brett and Alice. As suggested by the name, Brett and Alice are both currently working prosecutors and use their platform to cover some of the most famous cold cases from their unique perspectives. The duo chat about a range of topics with Bob, both serious and not-so-serious, including the tragedy of being an Alabama football fan, the cosmic entity Cthulhu, corruption in the criminal justice system, jury selection, and, of course, dogs. They then discuss the mysterious disappearance of 9-year-old Asha Degree. In the early morning hours of February 14, 2000, Asha woke up, packed some of her favorite things into a backpack, and left her family’s home. She was spotted by several motorists walking along a highway through dark, stormy weather. When one motorist approached her, she ran into a nearby forest never to be seen again. Shortly after her disappearance, some of her belongings were found in a shed near where she was last spotted, along with a photo of another young girl. Many believe that the identity of the girl in the photo may lead to answers in Asha’s disappearance, but to this day, the girl has never been identified. More than a year later, Asha’s bookbag was also located, and the circumstances in which it was found have led many to believe that foul play was involved. To suggest a guest or request an interview, please visit us at   Follow us on all forms of social media @TrueCrimeBinge   Today's Sponsors: - Save $10 on your first purchase. 

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