Treeleaf Zendo Podcast - Keizan Zenji's Zazen-Yojinki (1)

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Master Keizan, considered with Master Dogen one of the two "Founders" of Soto Zen in Japan, lived from 1264 to 1325. His essay “Zazen-Yōjinki” might be considered an expansion and further exploration of Dogen's explanation of Zazen, the 'Fukanzazengi'. The advice is often very practical, covering such topics as how to sit, breathe, what to wear, eat beforehand and what to do on those days when the mind just won't settle down, while other parts of the essay (such as today's portion) are wild, willy and mind wowing as only Zen writings can be!

Further reading and discussion for this talk are available on the Treeleaf forum: March 2024 Monthly Zazenkai»

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