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Welcome to Trail Cam Radio, as we dive into all things trail cameras, deer hunting, whitetails, wildlife research, outdoors, camera traps, and expert guest advice. Speaking from our own experience of running a trail camera company over the years, we hope to share as much valuable information through this deer hunting podcast.

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  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

    #204 - Pre-Rut Tactics That You Should Know! - Clint Campbell: Truth From the Stand


    Listen up! In this episode, we talk with Clint from Truth From the Stand Podcast. Chad and Clint talk about pre-rut, trail camera strategy, and much more.    Connect: 
  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

    #203 - Find the Specific Scrape Sign to Shoot a Mature Buck


    Have you ever wondered how to hunt scrapes with more efficiency? Listen to public land veteran Ryan Glitzky break down his hunting tactics for hunting scrapes and the rut!    Connect:   
  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

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  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

    #202 - FORT MCCOY Wisconsin bow hunt: Dan Infalt & Company Recap!


    Ever wondered what it's like to share a camp with big buck killers like Dan Infalt and the Beast Crew? In this episode, Chad and Cameron share their hunt within Wisconsin.  - Sharing a camp with Dan Infalt - The struggles of learning new terrain in 4 days - Letting the deer tell you where they are - Identifying “hot sign” and knowing when to set up on it - What we’d do differently for the next out of state trip   We found a gem of a military property that allows us to shoot an extra buck in Wisconsin. We invited a great group of top public land hunters to hunt with us, and break down the property and unlock the mysteries of how to hunt the forts big bucks... 
  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

    #201 - Why You Should Have a Long Term Trail Camera Strategy and How! - Don Higgins & THP


    In this week's episode, we're sharing a conversation from a couple of podcasts we have done with Don Higgins from @Chasing Giants with Higgins Outdoors and Greg Clements and Aaron Warbritton From @The Hunting Public where we discussed long term trail camera strategies for collecting annual data. Be sure to tune in for two different strategies on how to use trail cameras long-term! 
  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

    #200 - Killing Specific Mature Bucks: It's All in The Details - Thomas MLSna


    Are you wanting to finally seal the deal on a target buck? This podcast could help you creep you into the next level of success.  We cover:  Trail Camera Master Class  The Devil Is In The Details  Hanging Sets in the Middle of Night?  Much More Connect with Thomas: Connect: 
  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

    #199 - BIG BUCK DOWN! Cameron's Early Season in Open Country NODAK


    Listen to the story of Cameron's personal best buck! The strategy for this hunt was to focus on water sources because of the drought conditions many western states have experienced this summer. In the open terrain, getting a visual on a buck is the first step so Cameron and Tre spend the first three mornings and evenings on the glass trying to locate a shooter buck.   
  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

    #198 - Idaho Elk Hunt! KS, OH, WI, and IL Deer Season Predictions


    Who's ready for deer season? This episode we talk about Exodus news, Chad's Idaho elk hunt, upcoming season changes. Some the changes we cover are hunting tactics, gear adjustments, and much more. 
  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

    #197 - Dream DIY OTC Whitetail Hunt With Tony Peterson


    Whats the best state for an DIY OTC whitetail hunt? You'll probably be surprised by Tony Peterson, of Meat Eaters answer.  We cover:  - No one cares what you shoot - Developing a great DIY whitetail hunt - Rapid Fire Questions  
  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

    #196 - What Would Mark Kenyon Do? DIY Out State Hunts, Back 40 Strategy & More


    In this episode, we put Mark Kenyon through his own hunting gauntlet and ask him a series of questions for different hunting scenarios.  Get ready as we cover: - DIY Out of State Hunts  - Relocating to Make Thing Happen  - The Back 40 Project  - Rapid Fire Questions
  • Trail Cam Radio podcast

    #195 - The most OVERLOOKED $20 gear to SAVE YOUR FEET!


    In this week's Gear or Gadget episode we have Byron Horton from the Whitetail Experience in to review some mobile hunting whitetail gear! These reviews aren't the typical read off a product listings spec sheet. These are real life use cases, talking about gear we have spent our own money on!

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