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A tech-entwined world necessarily puts focus on technology companies and the opportunities that arise with them. TMT Talk, the Global TMT industry podcast, will help you navigate and prioritize via insights from top legal advisers in strategic technology markets. We'll go into the issues, how they affect businesses, society, and the way players deal with them.

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  • TMT Talk podcast

    Consumer Protection in Video Games - Age rating


    In this episode, Harry Valetk, is joined by Carlos Dávila-Peniche, based in  Mexico City and Daniel Villanueva, based in Guadalajara, to discuss consumer protection in video games with a special focus on age ratings. Join us to hear more about how to meet challenges around age ratings, global classifications, localization expectations, how to comply with age ratings in app stores or console purchases, and much more.
  • TMT Talk podcast

    Gaming on the rise: Market levelling up in Latin America


    In this episode of TMT Talk, Harry Valetk, is joined by Carlos Vela, a technology partner located in Mexico City, and Flavia Rebello, an IP partner based in São Paulo to discuss what's going on in the LatAm region with respect to the video game industry, its size and the legal and market trends. In addition, our partners will talk about the key trends in the region, including around investment, regulation and localization, and much more.
  • TMT Talk podcast

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  • TMT Talk podcast

    2021/2022 TMT takeaways from the Digital Transformation & Cloud Survey


    Baker McKenzie's 2021/2022 Digital Transformation and Cloud Survey aims to capture an important aspect of the evolution of technology and cloud services, with findings from 500 cross-regional global respondents. In this episode of TMT Talk, Lothar Determann, Adam Aft, Anne-Marie Allgrove, Carlos Vela-Trevino, and Steve Holmes discuss the trends and key issues affecting clients in the TMT industry surfaced by the survey, including around liability, data residency and more.
  • TMT Talk podcast

    Consumer Protection in Video Games - Advertising


    In this episode of TMT Talk, Harry Valetk is joined by Renata Campetti Amaral, Head of the Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability Practice Group at Trench Rossi Watanabe in Brazil, to discuss consumer protection in the video gaming industry with a special focus on advertising. Learn what makes video game consumers a special category of consumers, who acts as providers according to the law and court decisions, how the law considers children video game consumers and much more.
  • TMT Talk podcast

    What are the practical implications of the OECD Pillars 1 and 2 for TMT companies


    The OECD's proposed changes to the Tax regime, particularly seeking to address the issues around taxing multi-national enterprises in an increasingly digital world, have the potential to have far reaching consequences for TMT companies around the world. In this episode, Kate Alexander, Mounia Benabdallah, and Erik Christenson unpack the practical implications of these new proposals. Our experts will discuss what are the changes, what should companies expect, and what should they be doing right now.
  • TMT Talk podcast

    Monetization Challenges in Video Games – Loot Boxes (Spanish version)


    TMT Talk continues to focus on the interactive entertainment sector in the Latin American region. Harry Valetk discusses trends and issues relevant to monetization in video games with Carlos Davila-Peniche. *This episode is in Spanish
  • TMT Talk podcast

    10 Key Considerations for the TMT industry: CFPB Investigations/Actions


    In this episode of TMT Talk, Teresa Michaud , Jennifer Connors, and Amy Greer discuss the latest regulatory activity affecting the tech sector. Our experts give their insights on the new enforcement activity from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, including who will be a target and how companies should prepare.
  • TMT Talk podcast

    Monetization Challenges in Video Games - Loot Boxes


    In this episode of TMT Talk, Harry Valetk, is joined by Tiago Zapater, a litigation partner at Trench Rossi Watanabe in Brazil, to discuss the monetization challenges in video games. Join us for this episode to learn how video games sell and make money, loot boxes and their significance in the region, recent decisions and class actions in Brazil and much more.
  • TMT Talk podcast

    Vaccine mandates - What TMT companies need to know


    The emergence and subsequent spread of the Delta variant has led several countries, most notably the United States, into adopting more stringent health and safety protocols. On 29 July 2021, President Biden declared that the US government would be imposing vaccination requirements in certain cases and offering additional incentives for its citizens to be vaccinated. Following this announcement, TMT Talk revisits the important legal aspects of vaccinations, as they apply to the TMT sector. Kate Alexander, Susan Eandi, and Julia Wilson discuss key considerations for companies when it comes to vaccination requirements and workplace safety protocols, as well as their perspective on how to best approach vaccine mandates.
  • TMT Talk podcast

    ESG: Key issues and developments for global supply chains for the TMT sector


    In recent years, companies worldwide, including those belonging to the Technology, Media & Telecoms industry, have placed increased importance on ESGs and have shifted their initiatives and operations accordingly. In this episode of TMT Talk, Adrian Lawrence leads our panel of experts in a discussion about aspects of ESG that are relevant to supply chains. Aleesha Fowler, Doug Sanders, and Graham Stuart offer their insights on relevant developments, possible risks, and challenges that TMT companies with global supply chains need to know and consider.

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