TMJ & JAW PAIN podcast


Astrid Kruse Gujer MD DMD

Welcome to the TMJ & Jaw Pain Podcast!Who is the podcast for?Do you suffer from pain in the jaw joint, the neck, or the masticatory muscle and temporal area? Do you have problems opening your mouth or pain when chewing? Is your jaw joint cracking? Do you suffer from tinnitus and jaw joint problems? Then you are exactly right to be here!This podcast is for everyone who suffers from temporomandibular joint -also called TMJ- disorders, muscle tension, and headaches and, of course, everyone who is interested in TMJ disorders.You will receive detailed information about the various clinical symptoms and causes of TMJ diseases. We will discuss the following topics, among others:• What is craniomandibular dysfunction, or CMD, exactly? And what are the treatment options?• What causes different symptoms, such as pain, tinnitus, dizziness, and the joint noises that can range from cracking to rubbing?• Which diagnostic procedures, such as clinical examination, special tests, and imaging, can be useful, and when? • All therapy methods, including approaches from conventional and alternative medicine • And, of course, lots of tricks and tips for at-home care.In addition, we will interview interesting guests who will illuminate the topic of temporomandibular joint diseases from their various specialist areas and perspectives.

21 Episodes