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Kin's Embrace, Part One

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Content warning: Loss of a loved one

Governor Thorne has a thaumaturgic situation that needs investigating. If only there was an organization that helped with those...Oh well! It's up to Darla, Edmuth, and Mags the Gun Witch to solve a theft which could have dire consequences for the people of Vassa Natura. Darla gets snacky; Edmuth oversells his skills (or does he?); Mags forgets what to remember.

Ila Alexei is Edmuth and our artist
Essay Mnktl is Darla and our editor
Jordan Quiverns is our GM
Special guest Hera Alexander is Mags the Gun Witch!

Mickey song Hera referenced

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Our music was provided by Louie Zong.
Intro - Shrimp Po' Boy; Midtro - Corrupted Comrade: Citrus Knight; Outro - Shrimp Po' Boy.

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