The Toxic People Detox podcast

The Toxic People Detox

Dr. Shayla D. Williams

A practical guide to finding peace in the midst of toxic people.

71 Episodes

  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

    The Final Lesson


    Thank you everyone! Take care of yourselves.
  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

    Building Your Defenses


    The best offense is a great defense.
  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

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  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

    Dealing with Toxic Staff


    This is the first of the last three episodes of this podcast. Today, I tackle a listener question. How does a supervisor deal with toxic staff?
  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

    Coping Strategies for Toxic Situations with Dr. Ron Dalrymple


    “Each person has inside them an enormous capability and creative power which they’ve probably never begun to imagine. We must start working toward that to bring that forth.” Dr. Ron Dalrymple Dr. Ron Dalrymple is a licensed psychologist, author and filmmaker with a special interest in the higher, seldom understood powers of the mind. He has written four books using his research to motivate individuals to achieve greatness by utilizing the power within themselves. All four books are best- sellers. They are The Inner Manager; 8 Days to Creative Power; I Love You, God; and Quantum Field Psychology. Dr. Dalrymple also produced a best-selling film about the discover of Quantum Field Psychology, Paradise Found 2015; and recently released a new film, The Endless Question. Today we cover: Tips for dealing with work place toxicity  Tips for dealing with PTSD Myths of the Subconscious Mind that block your presence How to connect with your inner self through intense concentration  Website:
  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

    Overcoming Abusive Relationships with Tamuri Richardson


    “We all from one time or another, find ourselves in some type of toxic relationship. There should be no dishonor in that it happens. We don't always know the person. I think you dishonor yourself when you know, and you can do better and you don't do better.” Tamuri Richardson Tamuri Richardson is an expert Motivational Speaker, She is a Speaking Presenter for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) with the goal to help fight the stigmas of Mental Illness, shes an award winning Toastmasters International Speaker and an Author, she just finished writing her 2nd book, 1st Novel entitled “ Trusting Someone Else’s Heart” its an autobiographical story of how she overcame betrayal, domestic violence and dishonor in her marriage and rebuilt herself into a much better version of herself. She speaks on Women Empowerment, Social Issues, Domestic Violence and encouraging the need to Standing up for yourself in all facets of life. Website:  Facebook page: TLeanne Speaking Pros, LLC has a list of Radio interviews, YouTube and Podcast, interviews on the topic that can encourage anyone going through this type of trauma.
  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

    Stop Dating the Same Type of Person with Melissa Snow


    “I wasted most of my 20’s and 30’s looking for love in all the wrong places, until eventually I hit rock bottom. All the love I so desperately wanted from someone else was already inside me." I discovered who I REALLY was and what was truly important to me; I learned how to love AND like myself; I mastered the art of setting boundaries; I improved my communication skills dramatically; And I gained a TON of self confidence in the process. Any links you would like me to include in the show notes. Maybe a link to your website? I can include up to 3 links. You choose and I’ll do my best to include all the links into my show notes, blog post, and social media links.  Resources Website: Facebook page: 30 Day Detox program:
  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

    Still the Mind with Quinn Barrett


    “Sometimes when we're trying to be in motion and make things happen in our life, if we don't have the clarity, we can't see it.”  Quinn Barret Quinn Barrett is an author and speaker who teaches people how to meditate in fun and unconventional ways. Her mission is to help people live life in balance with simple methods, which can be used at any time, anywhere. She is the creator of BusyLife Meditation and Intuition Daily, a new conscious, interactive meditation practice. Quinn has taught her innovative methods internationally for over 20 years. She started BusyLife Meditation and Intuition Daily because she wants to remove stigmas of meditation being difficult or a struggle to find the time or appropriate atmosphere. Conscious, interactive meditation can be practiced anywhere, at any time. If you like your meditation practice, keep it. But if you’re new to meditation or want to explore an attentive approach, come give it a try.  If you want to have fun while exploring deeper parts of yourself, you’ve found the right practice for you. In this episode, we discuss: Why people don’t stick to meditation Meditation doesn’t mean you have to stop what you are doingMeditation during daily tasks Link
  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

    Self-Care Series – Reinventing Yourself


    In today's episode, I discuss 3 tips to focus on reinventing yourself. Highlights include Pivoting vs. starting from scratch Examples of people who have changed their career path even in the face of economic crises Creating challenges for yourself
  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

    Seeing Yourself in Other People with Royce Morales


    “…If we release that energetic hold that we have on someone, everything can shift. The way we perceive them shifts. Their actions might shift. Our reaction to them might shift. We're left with love and forgiveness, and sometimes even a sense of gratitude that they helped awaken something in ourselves that we didn't want to look at.” Royce Morales Royce Morales is a renowned spiritual teacher who has been teaching breakthrough, core, self-discovery work for decades.  Her trailblazing, life-shifting work presents profound spiritual concepts, providing tools to make them applicable in day-to-day life. These powerful teachings get to the root of subconscious, fear-based programming so that fears, stuck issues and repetitive patterns can resolve. Royce offers continuing group classes, has an e-course and is available for private inner journey sessions using the powerful, clearing technique she developed.  If you’re tired of the struggle, want to connect with who you really are, feel ready to live a meaningful, empowered life, give Royce a call for a free consultation.  In this episode we discuss: Why we get stuck in life How your view of people gives insight into who you are For more information, go to Royce can be reached at [email protected]
  • The Toxic People Detox podcast

    Self-Care Series: Rebuilding Broken Dreams


    What type of content do you want to hear more of?  Send me an email with a suggestion or question and I will cover your topic. [email protected] I am open for coaching in the summer.  Need some insight from an objective 3rd party?  Click on the link to schedule a call.

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