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Tour Book, Behind the Scenes of the Live Event Industry with Rachel Pfenning Hales

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Rachel Pfenning Hales started her career touring around the world with the Black Eyed Peas, and then, with Lynyrd Skynyrd. She has spent the last several years working at one-of-a-kind Rock Lititz helping with various touring rehearsals and building up the live event culture on campus. She has also maintained a passion for writing about the live event industry and beyond.

In this episode, we discuss Tour Book, which explores a show day in the life of roadies in the live event industry, and how the book can help crew and their friends and family understand what really goes on in a roadie’s day-to-day life. We also discuss the importance of asking questions and listening to the answers in order to make sense of a non-traditional career path, especially if you want to work out on the road.

You can find her on Instagram @rapfenhales

About the book: "It's show night. You've bought tickets and are waiting with your friends. The lights drop. The darkness swells in anticipation. A collective cheer grows. A breath of silence. Then, that first chord screams from the speakers. Lights flash to flood the stage, radiating as the concert comes to life.

We are there, too, in the dark under the show, behind it, and above it. Each prop or cool trick, every costume or scene change requires the hidden help of someone behind the scenes. In a few hours, you will have gone home, but we will still be here, tearing it all down. We will pack up the gear, load up more than a dozen tractor-trailers, and head out to the next city."

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