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Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health, & Authentic Networking with Tour Manager Lotje Horvers

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Lotje Horvers is a Tour Manager who has worked with artists such as Fever Ray, Robyn, Röyksopp, M83, and The Knife. She won the 2020 Women in Live Music "Tour Manager of the year" award, has been a frequent panelist throughout the pandemic, and sits on the committee of the Tour Production Group. In 2021, she launched the non-profit Backstage Pass, aimed at improving diversity and inclusion in the Dutch live music industry.

In this episode, she shares how putting on shows as a teenager led her to pursue a music management degree and into concert touring. We also discuss why it’s super important to look after your mental health when filling your calendar, the role that diversity and inclusion play in the touring world, and how keeping in touch with new friends can help you give and receive professional opportunities in the future.

You can find her on Instagram @lotjetm.

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