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The Style Stories Podcast

Lisa Gillbe

This is THE podcast for women over 40 all about style, image, fashion and health in your 40's and beyond. So many women hold back with their style and lack self-confidence to wear what makes their heart sing or have never taken time to find what that is. This podcast is about getting the tips and tools to refine your wardrobe, wear what brings you joy & feel confident doing it! Tune-in and get tips on stylish outfits, decluttering, self-confidence and lots more. Get TWO free PDF style guides in one here -

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  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

    Hot from the shops - this week is all about maxi dresses and maxi skirts🔥


    It's not cold enough for tights yet so a perfect autumn outfit solution is a maxi dress of a maxi skirt. If you are petite and think you can't do this trend that is not the case. I've got some tips for you here too. Check out my selection here: Follow me on Instagram here. Join my free FB Group for weekly tips and style advice here. #styleover40 #fashion  #style #personalstylist
  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

    These are the boots you need in your wardrobe this Autumn/Winter. Hot from the shops🔥


    We're already in October and it's time to bring out the boots. I've pulled together a rundown of what I love in the shops right now and also my recommendation of the kinds of boots to make sure you have to create great outfit choices.  You can view and shop my board here: Or join the Facebook Group to view. Follow me on Instagram here. 
  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

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  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

    Let's Talk About Raincoats (and coats)


    Here's my pick of what's in the shops NOW as we come into Autumn 2021. Is your whole wardrobe practical? Then listen to why you might need to glam it up slightly and my top recommendations from the shops.  See Lisa's pink iridescent raincoat here @lisegillbestylist Join the free Facebook group right here Please take a minute to leave me a review wherever you get your podcast ❤️ #stylepodcast #styleover40 #over40podcast #personalstylist
  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

    Let's get your wardrobe ready for autumn


    What key pieces do you need in your wardrobe? How to shop with intent and what to invest in to make sure your wardrobe is autumn-ready. Lisa talks through the THREE steps to take before you even enter a shop and the SEVEN core pieces to make sure you have. There are certain wardrobe items that really hold the wardrobe together and these are the essential items we all need. Taking some time to get these right will pay dividends and make sure you look and feel amazing. FULL DETAILS of my next LIVE STYLING program click here.  If you'd love to join my next live taught styling program 'How to Find Your Personal Style' then click above and grab the Early Bird Offer! #personalstyle #personaldevelopment
  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

    Where to shop when you're 'plus size' and the power of being unapologetically yourself in life with Georgina Chapman


    This week I'm joined by Georgina Chapman, a business coach for women, a 'Plus-size GODDESS empowering other fat & curvy babes to accept & embrace every aspect of themselves so they radically shift their self-perception' I love how Georgina is fully herself and invited her on the podcast to talk style, self-confidence and image. A few years ago if you were 'plus size' the option for shopping was sparse. It was M&S or Evans in the UK and that was about it. Just because you are bigger than what is deemed average by the standard shops, it does not mean you have one kind of style type either! It also doesn't mean you have a 'perfectly' proportioned body - the in and out hourglass shape yet even plus size specialist hops tend to cater for that shape. Thank goodness we are all different or it would be a pretty boring world. Thank goodness there are role models like the music star Lizzo to get inspired by and not feel bad about yourself just because you don't fit a certain mold.  Find Georgina on Linkedin here. I hope you enjoy this honest chat. Here are some of the influencers that inspire Georgina. @curvy_roamer @sharon_rooney @lizzobeeating @jessontheplussize @_queenmojo Please leave me a review so I can continue to do this podcast and get up the charts! It would mean the world to me and my small biz. 🌍
  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

    Style, Image and Confidence in your 40's, 50's and beyond with top curve model Rachel Peru


    Meet the lovely Rachel Peru, one of the most in-demand curve models in the UK, champion of mid-life women and a woman on a mission to show ignored unrepresented women in the media.  We talk about Rachel's journey to self-acceptance. How having her photo taken in lingerie is so powerful for other women and how going grey kicked-off her hugely successful modelling career at 46.  This podcast has always been about empowering women in their 40's and beyond to live a fulfilling life in midlife. To wear a bikini or a short skirt if you want to. Not to feel like you're invisible but to embrace the confidence that age can bring if you let it...  We also discuss how you should wear exactly what you want in your 40's, how British culture tries to put older women in boxes, mature women stereotypes and much more. This is one of the most inspiring interviews yet! Hope you enjoy this and it gives you a confidence boost in some way. Please leave me a review or get in touch to let me know what you think.  Find and follow Rachel here.  Find me and contact me here.  #bodyconfidence #curvemodel #styleover40 #over40podcast #selfbelief
  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

    Which Wardrobe Type are You?


    In my years as a personal stylist, I have realised there are only TWO main types of wardrobe. Practical Penny or Magpie Minnie - which one you have means you need a different approach to sort it out.  Both types have gaps. Both have simple solutions - listen to find out what they are and to work out which type of wardrobe you have. Sign-up for my styling program right here. We start on Monday 21st June 2021! Take the wardrobe personality quiz here.  #styleover40 #fashionpodcast #personalstylist #styleandfashionpodcast #midlifepodcast
  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

    Work With Me On Your Wardrobe in Real Life! - Plus A Very Special Early Bird Discount💰


    My new course has LAUNCHED 🚀. I'd love to work with you on your wardrobe in my new online LIVE course. Come and join me and I can really help with any wardrobe woes you may have. Listen to this BONUS episode - get ALL the details PLUS a special Early Bird Bonus. The Bonus runs out this Friday 11th JUNE 2021 - sign-up by then and get £100 discount. Woo hoo!! I'd love to see you in there. Lisa x
  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

    Accessories Maketh The Outfit!


    Is there a more personal thing than jewellry? It's such a great way to totally change an outfit and show people your personality and taste. I discuss this and much more with Jewellry designer Nancy Zucarelli, founder and designer at From Chloe With Love. Nancy lives in Canada and joined me via zoom to delve into what makes us tick when choosing what to wear and how lots of women hold themselves back and don't invest in themselves. We covered much more than jewelry and I love how, when a podcast is unscripted like mine, natural chat comes through and the human side of getting dressed and accessorizing.  If you like beautiful jewellry with meaning then check out From Chloe with Love.  #styleover40 #personalstyle #personalstyllist #stylepodcast
  • The Style Stories Podcast podcast

    The Super Six Work Wardrobe Essentials


    Are you heading back into the office soon? It's time to start breaking away from zoom and heading back into a far more relaxed work environment. I'm talking from a dress code point of view. Stuffy tailoring is OUT and loose, flowing styles with a far more relaxed vibe are IN. What are you going to wear? I've got you covered with these SIX pieces that make sure you always have the right thing to wear once you step back into work.  Grab the guide that goes with this podcast here. #entrepreneur #workwear #smartcasual #whattoweartowork #personalstyle #styleover40

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