The Scenic Route podcast

The Scenic Route

Jennifer Walter

If you're not enjoying the ride — why bother?

On the Scenic Route, we’re more interested in living our lives with purpose, curiosity and fun than just hustling for our next paycheck.

So, you want to build a business? Cool. But if it doesn’t jiggle your joy meter, I'm here to say, let’s rethink that spreadsheet, shall we?
Are you happy in Corporate? Great. You’re welcome here, too. The Scenic Route is more than an approach to entrepreneurship – it’s about discovering skills we need to be ok with whatever life throws at us.

Every week, I sit down with the dreamers and doers who’ve ditched the traditional roadmap in favour of a path paved with their kind of magic. I'm talking to soulful entrepreneurs, heart-centred coaches, and visionary creatives who aren't afraid to say, "I'm doing it my way" — even if that includes fucking it up sometimes.

It's about filling your tank with purpose, the kind of fulfilment that fuels more than just your bank account. We share the mindset shifts, the laughs, the 'oops' moments, and the 'aha!' moments with actionable insights and fun. And trust me, we keep it real—sugar-coating is cookies only—and we hold space for daring conversations that go all the way.

Get ready for stories that resonate, wisdom that sticks, and a community that gets it. It's life, business, and everything in between—and it's all part of your journey.

62 Episodes