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The Protagonistas

Kat Armas

The Protagonistas is a podcast centered on highlighting the stories and experiences of Black, Indigenous, and other women of color among communities of faith. Our conversations sit at the intersection of race, gender, sexuality and spirituality.

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  • The Protagonistas podcast

    On Reclaiming and a Ridiculous Hope


    In this episode Kat chats with writer, speaker, and singer Sharifa Stevens about reclaiming submission, ridiculous hope, and what it really means to be "awake"- among other things.  Sharifa is the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, born and raised in New York, and currently residing with her family in Dallas, TX. She graduated from Columbia University in New York with a Bachelor in African American Studies before earning a master in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Sharifa is a conglomeration of intersections: Bronx wisdom and prep-school code-switching; smoke shop Now-and-Laters and church peppermints; hip-hop and hymns. Intersections can be a mash-up—rife with both tragedy and opportunity; places of pause within movement. Sharifa aspires to use writing as a vehicle that moves readers to intersect with the sacred and the honest. She contributed to the book Vindicating the Vixens: Revisiting Sexualized, Vilified, & Marginalized Women of the Bible and Rally: Communal Prayers for Lovers of Jesus and Justice. Sharifa is married to a Renaissance man, and mother to two lively boys. Follow Sharifa @sharifawrites Follow Kat @kat_armas Leave The Protagonistas a review!
  • The Protagonistas podcast

    Abuelita Faith as Embodied Theology


    In this episode Kat chats with pastora Inés Velasquez-McBryde about cosiendo and creating- an embodiment of Abuelita Faith. Inés shares about her Abuela Sara (who is featured in Ch. 6 of the book) and about what abuelita theology means to her. Inés was the very first guest on The Protagonistas! She is co-pastor of The Church We Hope For- check them out! Follow them at @thechurchwehopefor on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Inés @inesmcbryde. Follow Kat @kat_armas.
  • The Protagonistas podcast

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  • The Protagonistas podcast

    The Black Enneagram & Abuelita Faith


    In this episode, Kat chats with the face of The Black Enneagram (on Instagram) Dayo Ajanaku! Dayo and Kat chat about enneagram energies found in Abuelita Faith and what we can learn from abuelita theologians. Follow Dayo: @theblackenneagram Follow Kat: @kat_armas
  • The Protagonistas podcast

    The Sacredness of the Land


    In this episode Kat chats with Mvskoke writer and educator, Mariah Humphries. Through her and her ancestors experience navigating the tension between Native and White American culture, Mariah is an educator to non-Native spaces. With over 20 years of vocational ministry service, she is focused on theology, racial literacy and reconciliation within the American Church. She is the current Be the Bridge Ministry educator where she works with religious leaders to navigate racial reconciliation in their congregations. Kat and Mariah chat about her experiences growing up Native, the sacredness of the land, her racial justice work, and much more.
  • The Protagonistas podcast

    [RECAP] Theology in El Barrio


    In this RECAP episode, Kat highlights a some of her conversation with Dr. Liz Rios.
  • The Protagonistas podcast

    Theology in El Barrio


    In today's episode Kat chats with Afro-Nuyorican Boricua Dr. Elizabeth Ríos about the Latin@ church, barrio theology, "Progressive Pentecostalism," women in church planting, and so much more. Make sure to follow Dr. Liz on social media: @drlizrios Visit her website: Follow Kat Armas @kat_armas Preorder Abuelita Faith for exclusive podcast episodes:
  • The Protagonistas podcast

    [RECAP] On Transracial Adoption


    In this recap episode, Kat reflects on her conversation with Sarah Williams. Follow Kat on Instagram and Twitter: @kat_armas Preorder Abuelita Faith for exclusive podcast episodes:
  • The Protagonistas podcast

    On Transracial Adoption


    In today’s beautiful and personal episode of The Protagonistas, Kat chats with Korean American writer and seminary student, Sarah Williams, about her experiences as a transracial adoptee. Sarah shares some insight on her transracial adoption and what it means to "come out of the fog" in regard to adoption and white supremacy. She also shares some adoptee-centered biblical interpretations and reflections. Follow Sarah on Instagram and Twitter: @anadopteetalksback and @re.coalition Follow Kat on IG and Twitter: @kat_armas
  • The Protagonistas podcast

    [RECAP] Our Wild Land Within


    In this episode, Kat highlights some key points about silence and contemplation from her conversation with Lisa Colon Delay.
  • The Protagonistas podcast

    Our Wild Land Within


    In this episode, Kat chats with Puerto Rican author and podcaster Lisa Colon Delay about her new book The Wild Land Within: Cultivating Wholeness through Spiritual Practice Kat and Lisa dialogue about the contemplative life, the difference between Eastern and Western traditions (including atonement theories), spiritual formation during these times, and how marginalized people and groups used contemplation and spiritual formation for sustenance in the long road of racial justice. They also talk about wounds and fears and how contemplation and silence before God might help us heal. Purchase Lisa's book and follow her on social media @LisaDelay and   Also follow Kat @kat_armas and

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