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The Perhaps Chaps

The Perhaps Chaps

Three chaps and their trusty producer delve deep into a different topic each week and explore each of their infinite possibilities. Perhaps give it a try? Artwork by @doodlesfrommybrain

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  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

    Perhaps... Free Willy?


    Oh you best believe the Perhaps Chaps have done an episode on Free Willy. The once heartwarming, not entirely troubling 90s movie about freeing a whale, who in turn was being held captive in real life. Very problematic, everyone, very very problematic. ENJOY!
  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

    Perhaps... Flubber?


    Perhaps time for another bonus episode? The chaps continue their foray into films from their childhood they thought were good at the time, and this week it is the turn of FLUBBER. Did you like Flubber? Do you still like Flubber? Do we like Flubber? What is Flubber? Flubber? The Perhaps Chaps do their best to answer all of these questions and more, so get your green goo out and get it on.
  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

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  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

    Perhaps...James Bond? (Only Brosnan)


    The name’s Chaps, Perhaps Chaps, and it’s time for another bonus episode! This time the chaps are talking Bond! But only the Piers Brosnan Bonds, because let’s be honest, he was the greatest Bond; OR WAS HE?! The chaps continue this short bonus series, where they dive into some of their favourite films growing up, but PERHAPS...they aren’t so good anymore?
  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

    Perhaps... The Lost World: Jurassic Park?


    Perhaps Bonus episodes? Whilst we’ve been waiting for lockdown restrictions to relax so we can meet up and film Tom getting in the sea before starting season 3, we thought we’d record some bonus eps for you lovely people! Shorter than normal, we take a deep dive into some of the movies we all liked when we were kids but perhaps don’t like as much any more... Starting with The Lost World: Jurassic Park! That’s right, not the classic first film, but the strange sequel that followed with Jeff Goldblum as the lead and the bit with the T-Rex in the city. Perhaps it hasn’t aged as well as the first? Perhaps there are some very questionable plot choices? And perhaps we do some of the worst dinosaur impressions of all time towards the end of the episode...
  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

    Perhaps... Olympics?


    It’s finally here. The season finale. Season 2 has come to an end and there can only be 1 PERHAPS CHAPS CHAMPION. James goes into the final episode with a healthy lead but will it be enough to hold off Tom & Jack? Which chap will come out victorious? But more importantly, which losing chap will get in the sea? Listen to the thrilling conclusion NOW!
  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

    Perhaps... Drums?


    BANG THAT DRUM PERHAPS FANS! Because Perhaps...Drums? HAS ARRIVED! In their first venture into the world of music the chaps talk bongos, beatboxing, and a trampoline drum that could change the leisure industry forever. They also talk about saunas for about 10 minutes because Tom mishears something and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened.
  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

    Perhaps... Shoes?


    It’s one for the shoes fans. Perhaps...SHOES has arrived and is ready for your feet and ear holes. This week the chaps ponder whether we’d be better off without shoes, whether shoes with built-in coffee machines would be beneficial and there’s another heart-stopping twist in the race for the Perhaps Chaps Championship.
  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

    Perhaps... Wrestling?


    Wrestling. Is it real? Is it fake? Why don’t Olympic wrestlers use steel chairs? Why do pro-wrestlers wear such little clothing? Why are we obsessed with it? All of these questions and more are answered this week by your favourite Perhaps Chaps, and if that wasn’t enough, Jack & Tom end a season-long grudge match in the first ever podcast wrestling match.
  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

    Perhaps... Sandwiches?


    SANDWICHES. Sarnies. Some food, in between some bread. Humans can’t get enough of them and the Perhaps Chaps want to know why! This week they consider a café where sandwiches don’t exist, a sarnie where birds fly out of it and a delicious secret about earth you may not have realised. Butter your bread, plug your earphones in and chomp away.
  • The Perhaps Chaps podcast

    Perhaps... Christmas?


    IT'S CHRISTMAAAASSSSSSSSS!! The Perhaps Chaps Championship is set aside for this weeks BONUS episode. Get your festive socks on and put those feet up. It's time to relax and Perhaps Christmas?

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