The LADS Film Thing Podcast podcast

The LADS Film Thing Podcast


Whether it’s snuggled up on the sofa, in a crowded cinema or on the edge of the seat watching through our fingers, we love watching films. All types. All genres. All decades. As long as it’s together. The LADS Film Thing is brought to you by Lucy, Abi, Dan and Sam, better known as LADS; friends for almost 20 years. We chat about anything but we started this film podcast because we probably love talking about films the most! Each week, the four of us watch a film and then discuss it (often at great length). We think we’re quite funny, although we’re quite possibly just as polished at comedy as your drunk uncle. We’re up for watching anything & already have on the watch-list Disney animated classics, South Korean neo-noir thrillers, London gangster films, indie art house & loads of others. This podcast won’t change your life, but it makes us laugh & it might make you laugh too. So subscribe to the LADS Film Thing now & never miss a new episode out every Wednesday. Get listening now!

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