The Hurly Burly Shakespeare Show! podcast

The Hurly Burly Shakespeare Show!


What happens when two bawdy, Early Modern word-nerds sit down to talk about all things Shakespeare? You get "The Hurly Burly Shakespeare Show!": an irreverent mix of entertainment and scholarly content suitable for novices and hard-core “Bardolaters” alike. Jess (The Scholar) and Aubrey (The Teaching Artist) discuss the plays of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries, as well as other fascinating aspects of the Early Modern period’s lively theatre and print culture. “The Hurly Burly Shakespeare Show!” features the latest “Shakes-bubble” gossip, Burbage Breaks, a Rhetorical Device of the Week, and absolute havoc as Jess and Aubrey attempt to summarize each play in five minutes or less. Oh, and we also make all our sound effects live, because original staging conditions are a thing. Come for the Hurly, stay for the Burly: we guarantee you’ll learn something new with every episode.

100 Episodes