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The Charley Law Podcast

Charley Law

At 31 yrs old I thought I had it all sorted. Then the shit hit the fan. Broke and burnt out, I ended up back home living with my mother. I tried to move on, but I couldn’t get back to feeling how I did before: confident and with direction. It was like I’d lost my mojo.

After a number of chance encounters I began down a path of self-discovery. Hundreds of books, coaches, therapies. Seminars from Buddhist Monks to Silicon Valley tech titans. I wanted to cut through all the ‘mumbo jumbo’ and find out what actually works. It took me five years - I felt like an investigative journalist, but really I was just trying to find answers for myself, and I did.

I’ve witnessed first-hand how renewed clarity, direction and peace has transformed my life. Join me to explore the tools, tactics and routines that helped me and my guests make real tangible change.

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