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Talking pregnancy and postpartum with Stef

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**TW: there is discussion of miscarriage in this episode. We don’t go into it deeply but it is mentioned. ** Maggie and Stef discuss pregnancy and how hard it can be, bonding with your baby, formula feeding, the pressures on new moms from society and social media, Maggie’s beef with Texas, and the nitty gritty stuff they don’t tell you about pregnancy and postpartum. If you are a new mom or are pregnant or know a new mom- this episode is for you! We are here to support and not judge because we know how much judgement new moms get. If you want to support the podcast monetarily we are on Patreon at On IG we are @TheCatmomPodcast. Email us questions or rants at [email protected] Intro/Outro is “Into the Red” by Trinity.

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