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The Calories is a three-part miniseries about calorie counting and weight loss. After losing 100 pounds in 2015, Max Lasser started to understand why just being told to "eat healthy and exercise" hadn't been working for him for the past 12 years. In interviews with four experts from the Mayo Clinic, Mt. Sinai hospital and more, The Calories outlines why losing weight is so hard and why calorie counting might make it just a little bit easier.

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    We only have a limited amount of willpower every day. While we’re hungry we have less. We have to find ways to help us stand being on a calorie deficit for the length of our diet Featuring: Kristen Vickers is the director of wellness coaching for the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living program. Her primary research interests include patient education, health behavior change, and patient self-management of chronic conditions. Richard Weil is an exercise physiologist, certified diabetes educator, and the director of the Mt Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital Weight Loss Program in New York City. His career has spanned 35 years of clinical work and research in the fields of exercise, weight loss, obesity and diabetes. He is a faculty member at the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University Medical Center, on the editorial board of Diabetes Self-Management Magazine, and has conducted research in a broad range of areas including prevention of type 2 diabetes in teenagers, interval training in people with obesity, body composition in adults, telephone-based weight loss interventions, control and reduction of food cravings, associations of body mass index to biomarkers of metabolic syndrome, use of shoe orthotics in adults with obesity, weight loss and idiopathic intracranial hypertension, psychological predictors of weight loss, and recently started to investigate the effect of weight loss on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. He speaks nationally about the role of diabetes in obesity, exercise and health The Calories is produced by Ryan Middledorf, Rian Kountzhouse and Campfire Media. Music by Hevanti Productions. Art by Beth Radloff
  • The Calories podcast



    It turns out exercise doesn’t help us lose much weight. But it has plenty of other benefits including weight maintenance and muscle retention.
  • The Calories podcast

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  • The Calories podcast



    While we’re losing weight by definition we’re on a calorie deficit-- not eating enough food for our body to continue at its current size. Which means that we’ll be hungry.
  • The Calories podcast

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