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Join us every other Tuesday for interviews with Baaz reporters, columnists, and opinion writers to learn more about the issues facing Sikhs and Punjabis in the diaspora. Hosted by Shabd Singh.

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  • The Baaz Podcast podcast

    Ep. 14 - Battling Quebec's Bill 21


    Amrit Kaur joins Shabd Singh to speak about her experience as an Amritdhari Sikh fleeing Quebec to BC in order to teach while maintaining her turban and other Sikh articles of faith. Religious symbols, such as turbans and hijabs, have been banned for teachers and some other public sector employees in Quebec due to the discriminatory Bill 21.  You can read her op-ed for baaz here.
  • The Baaz Podcast podcast

    Ep. 13 - 2021 In Review


    2021 was a year to remember for the Sikh and Punjabi world. Jaskaran Sandhu joins Shabd Singh to break it all down and highlight some of the major stories and lessons from the year.  This is the final episode for 2021, we will be back in mid-January of 2022!  Thank you for all the support over the past year. If you enjoy what you read, watch, and listen to at Baaz, please consider becoming a paid subscriber!
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  • The Baaz Podcast podcast

    Ep. 12 - Fake Accounts Targeting Real Sikhs


    Mansi Kaur joins Shabd Singh to discuss Benjamin Strick's recent report on Indian disinfo campaigns unleashed on social media against Sikhs and the Farmers' Protest. Mansi Kaur also discusses her experience investigating the BJP IT Cell and the people behind these fake accounts spreading disinfo, hate, and state propaganda. You can read Mansi Kaur's piece here, and about Benjamin's Sticks report here.
  • The Baaz Podcast podcast

    Ep. 11 - Alcohol Use In Punjabi Communities


    Manvinder Kaur joins Shabd Singh this week to speak about alcohol use in the Punjabi community, how do we address issues around it, and how do we look critically at what we understand as culture. You can read her co-authored piece on the issue here. 
  • The Baaz Podcast podcast

    Ep. 10 - A Walk Down Punjabi Lane


    Sandeep Singh visits Punjabi Lane, in Shillong, Meghalaya where Sikhs are being pushed out of their homes in a forced relocation.  Dalit Sikhs have called the Lane home for over 150 years. However, the Meghalaya government and the Shillong Municipal Board have signed a contentious agreement with the Syiem of Mylliem to transfer the land to the state. Sandeep speaks with locals about what is happening and how they plan to fight back.  You can read Sandeep's in-depth written piece here. 
  • The Baaz Podcast podcast

    Ep. 9 - The Lakhimpur Kheri Massacre


    Sandeep Singh guests in this week's episode to discuss the Lakhimpur Kheri Massacre. The son of a BJP minister is alleged to have driven the vehicle that mowed down farmers peacefully protesting in the district and was subsequently arrested. Sandeep Singh covered the massacre on the ground for Baaz. You can read his pieces on the incident and those killed in the attack here, here, and here.
  • The Baaz Podcast podcast

    Ep. 8 - The West Midlands Three


    Mankamal Singh joins Shabd Singh to speak about UK-India relations and how it shapes the experiences of Sikhs in the UK and elsewhere - from #FreeJaggiNow to the #WestMidlands3. Read Mankamal's piece, The Extraordinary Case Of The West Midlands Three, here. Support us by becoming a subscriber. 
  • The Baaz Podcast podcast

    Ep. 7 - One Year of Three Farm Laws


    Sandeep Singh joins Shabd Singh to speak about Modi's three farm laws, which passed one year ago and triggered the ongoing Farmers' Protest as we know it, and where we are now in the fight against them.
  • The Baaz Podcast podcast

    Ep. 6 - The Disneyfication of Jallianwala Bagh


    Amandeep Madra, Founder of the UK Punjab Heritage Association, guests in this week's Baaz Podcast to speak with Shabd Singh about the history of Jallianwala Bagh and the much-derided and crass renovations to the site by the Indian government.
  • The Baaz Podcast podcast

    Ep. 5 - They Didn't Even Spare Navdeep Bains


    Harman Kandola joins Shabd Singh to discuss what Navdeep Bains' political career and history on Sikh issues tell us about the limitations of representative politics for Sikhs in countries like Canada, which is also currently in a federal election. You can read Harman Kandola’s piece “Navdeep Bains, Disinfo Campaigns, And A Valuable Lesson For Sikh Politicians Around The World” here.

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