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The Amazon world is competitive and constantly changing. It’s easy to spend a lot of time and money on your advertising campaigns only to feel like you’re missing out on opportunities, especially if you are doing it all on your own. Joe and Matt, Amazon advertising experts and founders of Ad Advance, developed The Ad Project podcast to talk about the complex nature of Amazon advertising and to share strategies and secrets to develop campaigns that deliver results. Tune in for insights that will help you maximize profits and scale your Amazon business. Whether you’re an established seller, CMO, or just getting started, this one’s for you.

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    Why Sellers Should Expect TACoS Fluctuations with Lucas Kwiatkowski


    Overview If you’re looking to keep your same ACoS and TACoS goals year over year, it will be very difficult to grow. With Amazon getting more competitive driving up CPC, sellers will need to have an incremental change with their advertising goals. In today’s episode, we’re joined by Lucas Kwiatkowski to dive into key reasons we’re seeing fluctuations with ACoS and TACoS. We also highlighted ways sellers can adjust their advertising goals to battle the changes with these metrics. About Lucas KwiatkowskiLucas started managing PPC over 7 years ago and loved it from the start. He still enjoys diving deep into the advertising data for all of his accounts and usually comes up with advanced PPC topics not popular within the space. Lucas is very involved with all of his clients and takes a hands-on approach to managing their business growth. He spends a lot of time making YouTube videos to help smaller sellers master the art of PPC while also teaching them advanced tactics. Connect With Lucas:Website: ( LinkedIn: ( YouTube: ( Episode Highlights: How changes with Amazon impacts TACoS           [02:03] Key drivers behind fluctuations in TACoS              [03:45] Analyzing TACoS                                                         [06:25] Ad cannibalization                                                     [14:21] Where has the most value for retargeting ads     [18:11] Key drivers for long term growth                            [19:51] Ways to battle high TACoS                                       [23:04]
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    Amazon Attribution


    Overview Amazon is continuing to find a lot more ways to motivate sellers to drive traffic from off-channel onto their platform. With countless advertising channels in the space, one of the critical issues we face is tracking performance through all stages of the buyer's journey from multiple sources. In today's episode, we're joined by one of our Account Execs, Josh, to really talk through Amazon Attribution and how brands can implement this into their strategy to measure consumer behavior from their off-Amazon marketing efforts. Episode Highlights: What is Amazon attribution?      [01:46] Amazon attribution metrics        [03:44] Options within Amazon attribution [05:13] Naming conventions and campaign structure [10:35] How to segment ad campaigns within Amazon attribution [13:08] Building a brand with Amazon attribution [15:47]
  • The Ad Project podcast

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  • The Ad Project podcast

    Using Amazon DSP to Create an Advertising Ecosystem w/ Vitalii Khyzhniak


    Overview Having access to first-party data on customers' purchases can revolutionize your advertising strategy. For today's episode, we're excited to have advertising expert Vitalii Khyzhniak from (Profit Whales) join Joe Shelerud to discuss leveraging Amazon DSP data and building an advertising ecosystem. Key Items Covered: Rules of thumb when getting started with DSP Allocating budgets between different ad types Using DSP analytics to supplement Sponsored Ads Connect with Vitalii: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram URL:
  • The Ad Project podcast

    Amazon Advertising Recap 2021 with Destaney Wishon


    OverviewThere have been quite some changes with Amazon Advertising this year. There were new targeting types, new ad types, changes in the user interface of the advertising dashboard, and much more. With all the new features, sellers and brands had more opportunities to leverage advertising and develop strategies to build a long-lasting brand. In today's episode, Destaney and Joe touched on the major shifts that happened this year and how sellers can optimize their strategies to stay on up of their advertising in 2022. Connect with Destaney: Website:  Youtube:  LinkedIn:  Connect directly with Joe: LinkedIn: Facebook: Episode HighlightsIntro [00:19] How inventory changes affected Amazon advertising in 2021 [03:00] Launch or ranking strategy in 2021 [08:09] Ad types and strategies this year [09:55] Competition in the ad space [14:25] The rise in aggregators and its impact on advertising [16:52] What to expect with advertising in 2022 [21:16] How sellers can set themselves up for success in 2022 [25:59]
  • The Ad Project podcast

    Why Amazon Cost Per Click Is Rising and How To React


    Advertising costs have been increasing on Amazon. Recent statistics have shown where Sponsored Products cost-per-click increased by 26%, Sponsored Brands increased by 21%, and Sponsored Display by 55%. There are many different factors contributing to the rise, and in today's episode, we dived into each of those factors. We also shared tips on how sellers can combat the increase in costs and remain competitive with Amazon advertising.
  • The Ad Project podcast

    Amazon Advertising 2021 New Features


    OverviewThe last couple of weeks has been busy with Amazon advertising new features releases. We understand that it can be pretty difficult for sellers and advertisers to stay on top of all the new features, which is why we’ve decided to review the majority of the new features released in today’s episode. For each feature, Matt and Joe discussed the features use and how these can tie into your current advertising strategy. Episode HighlightsSponsored Products Rule Based Bidding                   [01:23] Updated lookback windows for Sponsored Display audiences [09:17] Forecasted impression share and impression rank for recommended keywords [11:56] New sort by feature for recommended keywords [15:53] Sponsored Brands bid optimization for new-to-brand customers       [16:21] Automated Translation of Keywords [18:39] Sponsored Display bidding updates   [22:20] Amazon API support for Sweden [24:30]
  • The Ad Project podcast

    How To Implement Retargeting With Amazon Advertising


    OverviewWith shoppers being more strategic on how they’re spreading their dollars this season, we are forced to revise our strategy to fully take advantage of the holiday period. Utilizing retargeting ads to target shoppers browsing around your product listings can help recover missed opportunities. In today’s episode, Matt and Joe will share ways you can get started with retargeting ads and how you can implement this in your current strategy. Episode HighlightsWhat is retargeting                [01:27] How to use retargeting for missed opportunities [02:28] Retargeting ads placements       [03:47] Bidding with Sponsored Display retargeting ads [06:07] Lookback windows when setting up retargeting campaigns [09:52] Difference between Sponsored Display retargeting and DSP retargeting [13:34]
  • The Ad Project podcast

    Building A Brand Using Amazon Advertising


    Overview The key goal of brand building is to introduce shoppers who could potentially be interested in your brand to learn more about your brand and products. Over time, as you continue to work on brand building strategies, you will see your branded search increase. This is a true indicator that these higher funnel strategies work and can result in loyal customers with repeated purchases over time. In today’s episode, both Joe and Matt talked about the importance of brand building and what sellers should be focusing on when building their brand. They also dived deep into these upper funnel strategies, how to implement them and what metrics to monitor when measuring their success.
  • The Ad Project podcast

    How to solve the most common seller central issues w/ John Cavendish


    Overview There are a number of common Seller Central issues that Amazon sellers experience and dealing with Seller Support can be time-consuming. Working with an agency to help resolve these issues can help expedite the troubleshooting process, but there are a few things you can try on your own before asking for professional assistance. In today's episode, John Cavendish from Seller Candy joins us to talk through troubleshooting issues when selling on Amazon. Key Items Covered:Major issues that arise when selling on Amazon Ways to resolve listing suspensions Tips for cutting through Amazon's automated responses About John Cavendish John has a vast amount of experience owning and overseeing millions in sales on Amazon. This experience and managing his own brand led him to start a full-service Amazon agency, becoming a premier Amazon channel management provider for brands to scale fast while building a supportive team. John's deep understanding of the Amazon seller experience and platform led to developing Seller Candy's concept, providing the expert Virtual Assistant experience delivered as a service. How to connect with John:Agency website: Seller Candy LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Episode Highlights: About Seller Candy [01:57] Major issues to look out for as an Amazon seller [04:01] Reasons for listing suspensions [05:01] Ways to resolve listing suspensions [07:00] Common issues sellers are facing today [08:50] Tips for cutting through Amazon's automated responses [11:34] How to build a virtual team as a seller [13:18] Upcoming challenges for selling on Amazon [17:13]
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    How to be Proactive vs Reactive this Q4 on Amazon


    When we look back at Q4 on Amazon over the last few years, there are a number of trends we see in regards to CPC, Traffic, Conversion Rate, ACoS and more. Knowing what we know about Q4 and how things typically play out, how can we use this information to be proactive vs reactive with our strategy? On this week's episode, Matt and Joe will tell you what they anticipate heading into the holiday season and how to take into account 2021 specific challenges, such as inventory, when building out and optimizing your campaigns.

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