The 98% podcast

The 98%

Alexa Morden and Katie Elin-Salt

The 98% explores what life is *really* like for the majority of actors and performers who, rather than trying to find an outfit for the Oscar’s, are trying to find an outfit that makes them look as close to an 1850’s aristocrat as possible for an audition in 24 hours. In a world where we only really hear from 'successful' and well known 'stars', it can often feel like you're the only one working 3 jobs to pay your bills and changing in a fast food joint's public toilet for a casting on your lunch break when, in reality, you're part of the majority! It comes as a surprise to most that only 2% of actors earn their main source of income from acting work. This podcast represents, and gives a voice to, the other 98% by sharing anecdotes and advice, shining a light on things that need changing in the industry, chatting to brilliant industry professional guests and laughing, lamenting and talking brutally honestly about the REAL #actorslife.*Disclaimer* - Our podcast does not include disturbing content (unless you count toe curlingly embarrassing stories as disturbing) but it does have some swearing which is why episodes are marked as explicit!

80 Episodes