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That Girl A Novel

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A hilarious coming of age romantic comedy about That Girl as she fumbles her way through young adulthood. She’s now hit her early thirties and is nowhere closer to who she wants to be, a successful songwriter in the music industry. She spends her days miserable doing body makeup on telenovella stars and her nights drinking jack and cokes watching bands hoping for her big break. She finally gets one when she writes a song with sexy Nashville songwriter Ezra. Her friend Ryan, a major music manager, is worried that Ezra might be leading her on romantically and professionally. When Ezra ghosts her Ryan steps in and professes his longtime feelings for her. Love starts to grow between them as well her career as Ryan helps her write with some major artists until one day she finds out that Ezra has stolen their song and sold it as his own to a major country singer. She fights to not only win her song back but to find herself through the up’s and down’s of falling in love and finding yourself through it all.Instagram:@[email protected]

32 Episodes