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A new education podcast from the perspective of two student teachers, sharing experiences and views on everything from teacher training to wider issues in education. Don't forget to Follow, Like and Share!

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    The Importance of School Trips


    For the latest podcast episode the lads speak about just how important school trips and experiences are for children. Both Matt and Sam reflect on their experiences on residentials and discuss the positive impact they have on both the pupils and teachers. A light-hearted chat that offers some tips and advice whilst reflecting on how positive school residentials can be. We hope you enjoy! Please Rate, Review and Subscribe!
  • Teachers of Tomorrow podcast

    Finishing our PGCE‘s, finding jobs and the new school year!


    After a stint away from the mic we're delighted to be back on the podcast and we've used this episode to explain just exactly where we've been hiding!   We speak about the difficult ending to our PGCE's, the challenges facing ECT's when applying for jobs and reflect on our own personal experiences doing just that.   Finally we talk about where we are now in our education careers and what's ahead for us and the podcast in the upcoming school year.   We hope you enjoy! Please don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe!  
  • Teachers of Tomorrow podcast

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  • Teachers of Tomorrow podcast

    100 Primary Ideas for Maths (and more) with Shannen Doherty


    For our latest podcast episode we were joined by the brilliant Shannen Doherty, teacher, senior leader and author of her first book '100 Ideas for Primary: Maths'.   During this episode we chat to Shannen about her love of maths, her passion for learning new skills and how much she enjoys teaching and living in London. Shannen talks about her upcoming first book '100 Ideas for Primary: Maths' and how she hopes this will help trainee and early career teachers with easy, fun and exciting ways to teach maths to all pupils. We also discuss behaviour techniques, organising and attending BrewEd events and we ask Shannen what being a 'Teacher of Tomorrow' means to her.   A brilliant, fun and light-hearted chat and we thank Shannen for coming onto the podcast with us. We hope you enjoy! Don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe!
  • Teachers of Tomorrow podcast

    The Power of Audio with Tilly Brooke, Now Press Play COO


    For our latest podcast episode we were delighted to be joined by the wonderful Tilly Brooke, former actress, teaching assistant and now COO of the fantastic company 'Now Press Play'.   We chat to Tilly about her passion for active learning and creativity, reflecting on how her positive experiences at school with specific teachers fuelled that desire and love of immersive learning environments.   Having the opportunity to put her creativity and skills to work as a teaching assistant, Tilly joined her brother's start up 'Now Press Play' whose mission is to provide immersive audio experiences to children and schools across the UK. Since then, Now Press Play is operating in over 500 schools, offering 70+ experiences for EYFS up to secondary school pupils that meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and integrate cross-curricular learning.   A brilliant, fun and wonderful conversation that highlights the fantastic work 'Now Press Play' are doing in providing children from all backgrounds an immersive learning experience, through the power of audio. We hope you enjoy!   Please don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe!
  • Teachers of Tomorrow podcast

    Gender and LGBTQ+ Inclusion with Claire Birkenshaw


    For this podcast episode we were thrilled to be joined by the inspiring woman, lecturer and former headteacher Claire Birkenshaw to chat all things related to gender inclusion and LGBTQ+ within education.   Claire bravely opens up about her own personal transitioning journey whilst being headteacher of a secondary school, the challenges that brought her and how she feels the younger generation are more accepting and celebratory of gender and LGBTQ+ diversity.   We then discuss how important it is to understand what gender means, how in society it has continued to evolve in recent years and how as teachers we play a vital role in providing a safe and open classroom environment for LGBTQ+ inclusion.   A truly wonderful and inspiring conversation with Claire around a topic which is so important both in education and across society. We hope you enjoy!   Please don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe!
  • Teachers of Tomorrow podcast

    The Power of Classroom Displays with Lois Jowett - The Display Lady


    For our latest podcast episode we were joined by current Y5 teacher and KS2 phase leader Lois Jowett, also known through her fantastic Instagram account as 'The Display Lady'. We speak to Lois about her teaching career to date as she discusses her decision to go from secondary to primary teacher, her preference of teaching in KS2 and the importance of finding the right school for you as an early career teacher. Lois opens up about nearly dropping out of the profession and was convinced by her friend to give teaching one last effort, leading to her finding the school where she's been working for the last 5 years, absolutely adores and is now a member of SLT. We then chat about Lois's passion for creating displays, the creativity and thought behind them and how she believes they lead to an increase in pupil engagement and raising standards across the school. This has led to Lois creating an amazing brand on Instagram as 'The Display Lady' where she now works with The Positive Teacher Company to create display sets for NQTs and Early Career Teachers to help them create fantastic displays and working walls themselves. A wonderful chat which you won't want to miss! We hope you enjoy! Please don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe!
  • Teachers of Tomorrow podcast

    The Magic of KS1 with Katie Hemmings


    For our latest podcast episode we are joined by the wonderful Katie Hemmings, a current KS1 teacher and phase leader who runs a fantastic Instagram account focusing on KS1 ideas and continuous provision.   We begin the episode by discussing Katie's unconventional journey in teaching, looking at the unique route she had into the profession and chatting about the valuable experiences she had whilst being a TA for a number of years.   The conversation moves onto Katie's passion for teaching in KS1 with a focus on continuous provision, the magic and innocence of the children in that phase as well as how teaching in KS1 enables her to be as creative a teacher as she wants to be.   This led to her building her brilliant Instagram account @katiesclassroom_ where she offers trainee, student and experienced teachers an opportunity to follow her career in KS1 whilst giving valuable ideas on how to use continuous provision and creativity along the way.   A fantastic conversation full of fun and laughs and a real buzz for teaching in KS1. We hope you enjoy!   Pleas don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe!
  • Teachers of Tomorrow podcast

    Martin Malone 'The Teachers' Coach' on Health, Well-being and Teaching


    For our latest podcast episode we were joined by former primary school teacher and now online health and fitness coach, Martin Malone 'The Teachers Coach'.   During this brilliant chat we speak to Martin about his experiences as a primary school teacher, the benefits he found when being a supply teacher and the importance of choosing the right school for you.   We then move to Martin's career change and his passion for health and fitness, the reasons for him working with teachers' specifically and some fantastic advice for how teachers' of all experience can help live a healthier, balanced and energetic lifestyle.   A cracking chat with some brilliant advice. We hope you enjoy!   Please Rate, Review and Subscribe!
  • Teachers of Tomorrow podcast

    The Dynamic Deps - Teachers, Podcasters and Best Mates!


    For this podcast episode we were joined by Deputy Headteachers Russ and Steve, otherwise known as the 'Dynamic Deps' and creators of the 'Don't Shoot the Deputies' podcast.   During this fascinating episode we spoke about their unique routes into teaching, how their bromance blossomed when working together as Assistant Headteachers and why they're both thriving as Deputy Headteachers now in different parts of the country.   A brilliant chat with plenty of advice for teachers at any stage in their career and we'd love for you to listen and learn as much as we did recording it. We hope you enjoy!   Don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe!
  • Teachers of Tomorrow podcast

    Developing Student/NQT Mentors with Dr Marc Turu-Porcel


    In this week's episode we were joined by the wonderful Dr Marc Turu-Porcel, university lecturer at Leeds Beckett and the man who helped get this podcast up and running! Marc chats openly about his background growing up, training and teaching in Spain before moving to England to undertake a Master's degree in Education Psychology. He highlights the cultural differences between being a male primary teacher in Spain and England, and why this has pushed him towards a career in academia. His passion for helping people transferred from children to trainee teachers when he begun his research focussing on NQT and trainee mentors and the challenges they face in the current education system. A brilliant, open and insightful chat with both a colleague and a friend that we think everyone will learn from. We hope you enjoy! Please Rate, Review and Subscribe!

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