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Jim Mansfield of Matrix Technologies -- Episode 51

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For more than 30 years, Senior Manager Jim Mansfield of Matrix Technologies Inc. has led manufacturing and operational transformation teams within the food and beverage, discrete manufacturing, metals and mining and consumer products industries.

In this episode of Talking Industrial Automation, Jim reveals how he draws on his decades of experience to helps clients navigate the operational excellence journey by enabling the connected plant and enterprise.

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  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

    Sam Cafferata of Concept Systems - Episode 61


    A passionate controls system integrator with more than 25 years of industrial automation experience, Sam Cafferata has specific experience in recycling, food processing, bulk material handling, wood products, aerospace and plastics. In this episode of Talking Industrial Automation, you'll hear why Sam's  favorite part of his job is helping his team at Concept Systems and partnering with his customers to have fun and succeed. This episode is sponsored by Xometry.
  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

    Steve March of Schneider Electric -- Episode 60


    Hear how Steve March leveraged his 15 years managing marketing, sales and business development efforts for engineering design and system integration firms, to manage Schneider Electrics program and strategy in the U.S. for partnering with companies like those he used to work for in this episode. Steve also dives into the trends and challenges facing the industry right now -- and what opportunities are cropping up in industrial automation.  
  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

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  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

    Brandon Ellis of Ellitek Episode 59


    Having worked in various capacities within the industrial automation market for nearly 25 years, Brandon Ellis, founder and president of elliTek, funnels his experience into developing elliTek’s data commander MES Gateway Appliance and Industrial Internet of Things Appliance, which are designed to simplify secure data movement between plant floor machines at enterprise level databases. Brandon also founded elliTek University’s Training Center where he builds workforce development programs because he is passionate about both teaching and learning from others. And if that’s not enough, Brandon is also co-host of elliTek’s podcast, Industrial Automation – It Doesn’t Have To… Hear all about it in this episode of Talking Industrial Automation.
  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

    John Weber of Software Toolbox -- Episode 58


    Find a need and fill it, goes the old saw, and that's exactly what John Weber did more than 25 years ago when he booted up Software Toolbox. Hear how he did it -- and a little bit of history -- in this episode of Talking Industrial Automation. Plus, you'll get his advice for selecting vendors and building a career in industrial automation. 
  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

    Luke Stephenson and Josh Riley of Enterprise Automation -- Episode 57


    You don't often think of unicorns when it comes to industrial automation, but Enterprise Automation just might be the one to change that. With two top-tier, invitation-only certification partnerships -- Aveva and Schneider Electric -- EA is the only integrator in the world that has earned this unique, combo endorsement. In this bonus episode, EA's Principal Joshua Riley and Business Manager Luke Stephenson recount their origin story as well as what they forecast for the next 24 months. This episode is brought to you by Aveva.
  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

    David Musto of Thermo Systems -- Episode 56


    After starting Thermo Systems in New Jersey in 1998, CEO and President David Musto and his co-founder Gregory Smith have grown the full-service control systems integration firm into a team of 180 plus engineers and controls professionals based in more than 16 locations globally.  In this episode of Talking Industrial Automation, he shares his growth story -- as well as his philosophies about customer service, team building and keeping the talent pipeline flowing.
  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

    Bryan Powrozek of Clayton & McKervey -- Episode 55


    Digital transformation is not just happening on the plant floor. All areas of a business are getting a digital makeover. Bryan Powrozek of Clayton & McKervey reveals some of the ways the back office can achieve efficiencies -- and even increase revenues -- in this episode of Talking Industrial Automation. Plus, you'll hear how, after 12 years in the auto industry doing product development and systems engineering for a supplier and then in 2011, he changed careers, and is now a manager in the firm's system integrators practice.
  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

    Barry Anderson of Latsa -- Episode 54


    Former SI and seasoned estimation pro Barry Anderson of Latsa Consulting offers his tips for winning the right business in this episode of Talking Industrial Automation. Plus, he reveals why he thinks the future of automation is so bright.
  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

    Pat Miller of Engineered Energy Solutions -- Episode 53


    With decades of experience under his belt, Chair and Founder of Engineered Energy Solutions Pat Miller is once again re-iterating his business to meet the challenges of the current work environment. In addition, Pat reveals how his lifelong passion for energy efficiency has not only fueled his business model but come full circle, as organizations of all types are re-thinking how they can meet the demands of a changing climate and deepening their interest in energy efficient solutions in this episode of Talking Industrial Automation. 
  • Talking Industrial Automation podcast

    Kirk Byles of Freewave Technologies -- Episode 52


    First-time CEO Kirk Byles reveals how he overhauled a 25-year-old company -- Freewave Technologies -- to meet the demands of the future in this episode of Talking Industrial Automation. Plus, he candidly recounts the bumps along the way, lessons learned and why he is optimistic about the future of industrial automation.

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