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Tales of Transformation

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Tales of transformation is a Deloitte podcast series that explores trends transforming life sciences and health care. From emerging technologies to the rise of the empowered health care customer to the shift from volume to value, this series takes you to the intersection of change where tremendous transformation is happening. Tune in to stay a step ahead of the tremendous change happening in the industry.

25 Episodes

  • Tales of Transformation podcast

    Behavioral Health


    This episode of Tales of Transformation explores the renewed focus on the global behavioral health crisis in response to the pandemic and how digital engagement and partnerships can improve outcomes.
  • Tales of Transformation podcast

    Health spending trends


    This episode of Tales of transformation explores the future of health spending and its dramatic transformation driven by new business models, emerging technologies, and engaged customers
  • Tales of Transformation podcast

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  • Tales of Transformation podcast

    Health tech investment trends


    This episode of Tales of transformation explores the impact that health tech innovation has had on traditional health care incumbents and its role in the future of health post-pandemic.
  • Tales of Transformation podcast

    Interoperability in life sciences


    How can life sciences organizations start shifting away from today’s silos to reach the connected future of health?
  • Tales of Transformation podcast

    Interoperability in health care


    Hear what health care organizations are already doing to improve connectivity and some of the biggest challenges that could prevent the industry from achieving radical interoperability.
  • Tales of Transformation podcast

    The regulatory landscape and interoperability


    Tune in to hear why organizations should use upcoming regulations as a jumping off point to develop and implement a strategic interoperability plan.
  • Tales of Transformation podcast

    How interoperability will enable the future of health


    How will radically interoperable data increase collaboration across the health care ecosystem? And what does “radical interoperability” actually mean? Tune in to find out.
  • Tales of Transformation podcast

    Embracing risk


    Tune in as we explore how health care organizations can integrate risk into their strategic decisions and take advantage of opportunities in the future of health.
  • Tales of Transformation podcast

    New risks on the horizon


    While the future of health does introduce new risks, opportunities abound for organizations who can get in front of these risks and make smart changes to their business models.
  • Tales of Transformation podcast

    Managing the risks and rewards of digital


    Connected data will play a huge role in the future of health—and will bring new opportunities to life sciences and health care organizations. But what risks will they need to be on the lookout for?

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