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Stay Home Podcast


A global pandemic disrupts the world. Step into a world of short stories from a variety of people to hear how the spread of COVID-19 has impacted their lives.

8 Episodes

  • Stay Home Podcast podcast

    Giving Voice


    Geri is the creator and editor of O Gocë magazine. The magazine was started to bring together a creative Albanian community & give a voice to traditionally ignored or marginalised groups within that community, notably LGBTQ+ groups. Join us as we discuss Geri's inspiration for the magazine and how virtual platforms created as a result of the Corona virus are still giving voice to these communities.   
  • Stay Home Podcast podcast

    Do Things Get Better?


    Dr. Navi Nagra is a clinical psychologist working with elderly adults in care. 'Do Things Get Better' is part two of a two-part episode focusing on mental health during the corona virus pandemic. We explore the unconscious bias within clinical psychology and confront the reality of mental health care at this point in time. 
  • Stay Home Podcast podcast

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  • Stay Home Podcast podcast

    Your Brain Matters


    Dr. Navi Nagra is a clinal psychologist specialising in elderly adult care. In part one of Your Brain Matters, we look at some of the things that can fuel our inner critic during lockdown and take up space in our brains. Navi helps guides us through some interactive exercises that are easy to follow from home in order to give a platform to a more compassionate voice. 
  • Stay Home Podcast podcast

    Made in Kosovo


    Hello everyone, this week I will be sharing my story of lockdown with you. I'll be discussing my origins and my journey to the UK as an asylum seeker in the 1990s amongst other things. I hope this episode helps shed some light on who the person behind this podcast is. Most importantly, I hope this episode resonates with those experiencing current feelings of loss and with those who are still processing the trauma of the past - showing us that things can get much better than you ever expected. 
  • Stay Home Podcast podcast

    Words in a Heartbreak


    Liri published her first book in March 2020. After a successful career in the city is interrupted by COVID-19, an aspiring young writer from London gets to grips with being a single mother to her four year-old daughter after processing the end of her marriage in the last year. 
  • Stay Home Podcast podcast

    Mask On


    Mo grew up in West London. Like many others in Britain, he is helplessly watching the chaos of Corona virus unfold. After moving to the U.K. as a small toddler almost 30 years ago, Mo reflects on his place within British society. Listen as the episode explores the idea that racism and inequality within Western society are slowly being unmasked by the Pandemic. 
  • Stay Home Podcast podcast

    Land of the Free


    Conor is a free spirited artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is self-isolating in Austin, Texas with her boyfriend Ian. Aged 20 years old, Conor suffered her first stroke, leaving her at the mercy of one of the most complicated healthcare systems in the world. Almost a decade later, Conor finds her world disrupted once again by events outside of her control. 
  • Stay Home Podcast podcast

    Slowing Down


    21 years ago, a small country in the Balkans was devastated by war and conflict. 21 years later, a global pandemic grips the world, greatly impacting the lives of this small country once again. This episode features Lejla, a 21 year old student from Gjilan in Kosovo. 

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