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SR MODULE 1: We always create with divine timing

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hello beautiful soul,

yesterday Venus aligned in a perfect conjunction with uranus in the sign of taurus, where venus is at home. did you feel it? what were you processing yesterday? naturally, it's connected to this energy.

* venus conjunct uranus calls forth the richness of spontaneity.

* beauty lies in the beholder, venus at home reminds us.

* the only mold that exists is the one you make for yourself with your mind, uranus whispers.

the planets in their orbit are part of our evolution. their movements and aspects affect our inner and outer climate, moving cells, and thoughts.

"We plan, God laughs." - Yeddish proverb

yesterday was the due date I set for the third class of my Sacred Rhythm astrology mentorship course.

I have been aiming to be uniform and predictable in the offerings of this course, but in just a week of moving through the Sacred Rhythm course...

I've come to realize how I can bring more ease into my life and yours...

I will post video content for Sacred Rhythm and upcoming podcast episodes with divine timing. some videos may be long, others may be short.

written transmissions, journal prompts, embodiment practices, and additional resources will be uploaded with divine timing as well.

we will still complete 1 Module per month and move through all 12 in a year!

in summary: less scheduling, more flowing; less predicting, more trusting.

my written transmission on the Thema Mundi, "The Birth Chart of the World" is now up in the self study membership portal if you'd like to see what the next video lesson will be all about! Preview the course and get started here.

the price for the group journey will increase to $3.4k in full for the year this Monday (monthly payment plans available) - save $1000 by joining this weekend! the first group mentorship call of the course on Sunday, April 16th! 

the live integration call is set for April 16th, when with the moon is conjunct saturn in pisces. the recordings of these calls comes with your membership.

the price will go up to $4k in full on April 15th! as soon as you join, you will gain access to members only content! start your journey today and save.

right away, the intention of this course to find greater clarity, whether your taking it for free on the podcast or working with me on the highest level 1:1, takes effect when you take the first step. 

I've already gained so much from this experience so far and look forward to seeing this work continue to do its magic with time.



PS. are you local to Pawtucket, RI and looking for an amazing way to relax? experience an in-person shamanic sound journey in community on Wednesday, 4/5 from 7:30-9pm and Monday, 4/10 from 5-6pm.

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