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SR MODULE 1: Origins & Initiation of the Hermetic Order

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Module 1: FOUNDATIONS IN ASTROLOGY //// Class 1: Origins & Initiation of the Hermetic Order

Hello beautiful soul and welcome to the Sacred Rhythm Astrology Mentorship Course!

You’re in the right place if you want to learn how to read your birth chart for yourself so you can track the evolution of your soul’s journey via the wisdom of the stars as the creator of the universe intended.

Over the next 6 lessons, we will be covering the Foundation of Astrology.

So first, let us begin with a discussion on what astrology even is, where it originated from, and why we still practice it with full faith today.


First off, let us point out that to practice astrology is to practice a sacred survival skill. Our ancient ancestors would never go a day without it, and neither can we. Every day we wake to the morning Sun and rest to the light of the Moon. Astrology, which is defined as the study of how the movement of the celestial bodies influence life on Earth, is universal because we are all at home here on Earth.

Astrology is thus naturally multi-cultural, which is why it is one of the comprehensive philosophical studies you can invest yourself in and gain so much from. 

Astrology has THE POWER IT HAS TO UNIFY all beings. It is THE tool that allows you to live with your hands confidently on your very own steering wheel, which is your body, your vessel, and your vehicle through life. It has been used to predict natural trends in farming, hunting, socializing, mating and resting since the beginning of time. 

There is no denying that the SUN and the planets give us LIFE; and so in this course, we will study the qualities and associations of these beings to better understand ourselves and the world we live in.

How to get the most out of this course:

This course has 12 Modules, each broken up into 6 easy to digest, 10-20 minute videos, which will be published every Thursday and Saturday here on this Channel.

In every 28 day cycle following 3/23/23, there will be new video every week on Thursday and Saturday for 3 weeks. Then on the 4th week, a recorded chart reading with a real person will be posted on Thursday, a sound bath to integrate the Module of the Month will be posted on Saturday, and a group mentorship session off of social media will be held on Sundays.

Check out the full summary of the course curriculum on our website, (, if you’d like to see why you might want to subscribe and hit the notification bell if you haven’t yet!

This Sacred Rhythm Astrology Mentorship Course has a few layers to it depending how you’d like to move through the process:

1. Take the Course Class for free via the Podcast

If you want to really take this work deeper, I invite you to join in on the more advanced Mentorship Programs of this course available to you:

2. Self Study Mentorship

Includes: your private portable membership portal, these video lessons, quick guides, journal prompts, embodiment practices, and additional course resources all moved through at your own pace!


Includes all the above, plus monthly group mentorship and meditation calls for 12 months starting on April 16, 2023 +PLUS (2)2 hour immersion readings with me (1 in August and 1 in January)!!

4. Private MentorshipIncludes all of the above, the only variation is we meet every month for 90 minutes instead of having (2) 2 hour immersions!!!

You can join any of these upgraded options if you haven't yet already on my website at (

May you live in alignment now and always.

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