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Who is the final ruler of your birth chart? Which planet(s) do you embody?

Most people identify with their birth chart starting with their Sun, moon and rising. They see their life path as determined primarily by these three signs, but what if there were layers deep you could go into the chart to discover which planet(s) are in charge behind the scenes? Knowing the primary ruler(s) of the chart is a complete GAME CHANGER when it comes to understanding yourself, your pace, and purpose. This Masterclass will guide you through the fundamentals of astrology chart reading so that you can understand why knowing the Almuten, or primary chart ruler(s), is so incredibly important. You will learn where the meaning of the signs and aspects come from, why certain planets “rule” certain signs, and how to calculate the primary ruler(s) of your chart or any chart for meaningful insight.

In this class, we cover concepts like:

- the Thema Mundi, or "the Birth Chart of the World"

- Planets in the Domicile or home signs

- Quadruplicities or Modalities

- the Caduceus of Medicine and the Planetary Ladder - the Basic Nature of Astrology Aspects

- How to determine the Sect ruler of the chart

- the Meaning beyond Essential Dignities, exhalation, depression, and fall

- drawing your Final Depositor Tree

- Chart Examples to tie it all together

This class was taught LIVE in-person on 4/11/23 at 7pm EST while also being broadcasted to those who pre-registered to join! Mentees of the Sacred Rhythm Astrology Mentorship Course attended this live event for free and received the recording instantly! Not yet a member of the course? Learn more at

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